Help! Mystery part?
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Hi, Ive just started volunteering at Percy community center, Bath. We teach children between the ages of 13-17 to make digital music. There are 7 x M-Audio Oxygen 8 V2 keyboards. Unfortunately 2 of these have been broken. I managed to fix one with some duct tape but the other as you can see from the picture is quite badly damaged.
Can you guys you tell me what the lead cylinder parts are at the bottom of the pic and Ill see if they have something similar in our local Maplins
Thanks for your time and help


Re: Help! Mystery part?
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They just look like ferrite cores, but they may be inductors as it seems the came from places on the pcb that say L6 and L3
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Re: Help! Mystery part?
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Hi, thanks for that
Thats exactly where they came from
Do thay have values?
Is there another name for them as I cant seem to find anything under that name in the UK
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Re: Help! Mystery part?
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You could fix these by getting some 20swg Enamelled Copper Wire from Maplin (YN82D  £5.89) and using the beads that you managed to salvage. They're just a half loop of wire (like a staple) with an upright bead at each end. You'll have to scrape the enamel off ends of the wire in order to solder them in, but it should be fairly straight forward.

That USB socket looks totalled though!!! :o
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Re: Help! Mystery part?
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I´m wondering how these could have been damaged but anyway, look for ferrite bead at your local electronic store. These are pearls with a hole where you stick a wire through.
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Re: Help! Mystery part?
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you should be able to break away that black enamel and pull the wire out of the ferrite.  Just use some long resistor leads to replace what you took out.  You could also just jumper the absent ferrites too if you don't have a lot of RFI/EMI in your application. 

Those ferrites are just to attenuate RF noise coming into that connector.
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Re: Help! Mystery part?
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Bah. Replace them with shorts and see if it interferes with local radio reception.

Re: Help! Mystery part?
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Great, thanks for all your help guys
I will get on the job today
Hopefully maplins will have an usb adapter too
We teach young kids to make digital music, so they probably got a little too excited and knocked the connector or something
Have a great one


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