Neve 31267 setup question
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I'm using a 31267 line input transformer in series/parallel (10K:2K4) as an input to the MNATS Rev J compressor which doesn't use the T attenuator on the input.

I'm a little uncertain what to do and I'm hoping for some guidance from the "Neve conversant" guru's in the group. :)

edit: Looking at the 1073 schematic, it looks like the Line In is hooked up in a similar manner to what I have done, Primary in Series, Secondary in Parallel. There is a 2n2 capacitor across the Secondary, which I'm assuming is a Zobel to flatten the frequency response and a 2k2 resistor going into the gain switch. This resistor is part of the stepped attenuator which the input signal is taken from via the wiper (pole) of the rotary switch. You can see that if we add up the other resistor values it is equivalent to putting that 2.2k resistor in parallel with a 1k resistor. Therefor, we can say the 31267 is loaded by approximately 690 ohms.

Is this what I should be doing with the 1176 input or am I better off with a different ratio?


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Not that I can offer much advice but incase you havn't seen this:
Primary in Series is 10K input, Secondary in series is 2.4K for -6DB.

Another helpful document:

There is a excellent thread regarding Zobel's, which I just recently read and have a better understanding of there purpose.  I'll look for it and repost it here..

OEP info for a cross reference.
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