Guess the title says it all. It seems that so many new projects served up seem to follow the 500 series craze. Its clear that not having to make psu's for each unit has benefits along with other good things that 500 series modules offer -  but I wonder whether rackmount stuff is going to be like owning a VCR when everyone has DVD/Blu Rays.

Theoretically this board is a celebration of building old faithful units that are not based on trends or fashions, but I wonder whether rackmount DIY will be viewed as a disonsaur design.

For example, I was thinking of a building an API clone. It seems all of the white market offerings (yes please dont yell at me or make me feel bad for wanting to buy a kit - I promise to learn as much as I can and not view the process as merely paint by numbers.....) are of 500 series ilk. I happen to like my rack trolley and want a new pre to sit with my other gear.

I don't think standard rack casing is passe.  I think the 500 Platform is the latest bandwagon for product marketing.  Don't get me wrong, it's a damn fine system with a lot of options.  I just think manufacturers have heard so-and-so was making a 500 version this-and-that, so they've felt compelled to make 500 versions if their that-and-this.  I'm still a fan of 3RU one channel units.   But perhaps I'll let someone buy me a 500 rack one day. 


I know the box is expensive, but it's a buy once proposition!

   500 series rocks.

. . . . RUH ROH . . . . .


I'm going 500 series strictly because I don't have the room to keep building rack boxes.  I can move 6 preamps in 3 rack spaces into a 3u 500 chassis and then still have room for 5 more!  500 is cheaper overall too because you only build the gear you insert and you only need 1 chassis and powersupply.

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I'm sure most of tube gear will be built in rackmount cases because of heath they produce and different power supplys. It also takes more space, so 500 series isn't really economical here.
And expensive/very good solid state gear will probably not be offered in 500 format either.



500 series is not designed to replace individual 1, 2 or 3U units and will not. It simply offers physical practicality to certain applications, hence becomes cost effective. On the other hand I would think twice loading and entire 500 case with valve stuff. However, on a forum like this and with highly dangerous people around, never say never.


IMO I think not. As useful as the API 500 series format is, it does also have certain design constrictions that ultimately will have  the standard rack unit as a viable option. I see the limited space as being a big factor especially when it comes to vacuum tube equipment. Maybe use enough of those fetron faux tubes and it won't matter.
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