Re: Modular multi channel DIY AD/DA Box
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Datasheet p. 19 chapter Audio serial port operation:
"... In Master mode, the BCK and LRCK clock signals are outputs, derived from the system clock input, SCKI. The BCK clock is fixed at 128fS for Single Rate sampling mode."

On the next page about the same on slave mode (I take it that its not recommended as performance may degrade).

Single rate means rates below 54 khz, ADAT wants 48khz. At 96 khz 64fs bit clock is possible.


Re: Modular multi channel DIY AD/DA Box
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Ah, ok. Well I was looking at the wrong datasheet.  :o

Anyway, I did run it with 64fs only and it worked fine.


Re: Modular multi channel DIY AD/DA Box New
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It might work well. Found a thread on PCM4204 (PCM4202 really, it's 2-channel version, same restrictions apply) ADC at 48khz / 64fs with Arta screenshot:

Not in master mode though. Got to build another ADC board to supply the clocks, have a pair of CS5394s with the Elektor ADC pcb left for that purpose.
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