Getting started!
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I'm a completely new to this kind of DIY, i only have a very basic knowledge of electricity (know a little on capacitors, resistance) and the little i know is in french... If just finished a guitar project and i'd like to start something new, more complicated.
I would like to know what simple (and cheap) project (pre amp, compressor, DI ...) I could start, and where to start it!
So if you could give me some advice, ideas, how you started making your own audio equipment, web sites, where to purchase components  ect...


Re: Getting started!
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One of the most simplest projects due to parts count, complexity etc and overall cost's is the LA4.

Your not going to typically get cheap gear DIY, you will get the accomplishment saying "I Made this" and know that you selected all the parts and pieces etc..

Good luck.
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Re: Getting started!
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thank you very much!


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I really think starting with a kit is the best first step, ordering parts can get super confusing and really bog down your first project.  Plus the calibration procedures for a compressor are usually a little more complicated than a preamp. 
JLM audio and classic audio have great affordable preamp projects.  Or look on the "white market" thread for people selling PCBs.


Re: Getting started!
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Yeah, kit is the way to go for first timer. Buy something from JLM or SCA, possibly with chasis because metalwork is the biggest and the most difficult part of the project. And you need some tools too, so you better focus only on soldering and connecting things, and when you get your feet wet, you can diy chasis too.




Re: Getting started!
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you may also take a look @ jlm audio kit

they've got a nice and simple opto compressor call MAC.
you can make a mono project for cheap and buy 90% of the par from them.
for exemple 1 mono kit:
1 x MAC Opto Comp kit $74.95
1 x Dingo kit (amp section of the comp) $41.64
2 x opamp JLM99V $124,96 (you can choose cheaper opamp from them or take a look in the white market there's some brand new vintage style 2520 API)
1 x output transfo wich is optionnal (I asure you that you want it) $62.46 but you can find cheaper
plus some furniture, like 1u rack, frontplate, xlr...

you can have something realy good for more or less $300.
and easy to build!

nice preamp too, critically aclaimed  ;).


Re: Getting started!
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oh forget to say that you will need a psu and you can had a meter!!

here's a finish unit by the world famous Holger  ;D
this guy make the most beautifull Diy I ever seen (sorry guys)


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