Help choosing a multi channel EQ for mixing!
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Hi guys,
I'm looking to build a bunch of EQ's, maybe 4 or 8. Already have 2 pultec EQ's. Now i'm looking for something a little simpler for putting on a bunch of my mix channels simultaneously, bass, kick, snare, etc etc. I know the Studer only has 2 shelves, but what EQ would you go with, in terms of sound, not functionality? I don't want something that will become overbearing by using it on multiple channels if you know what I mean. I have never used trident eq's nor any of the others. I mix mainly rock.
Please leave your opinion here or just vote in the poll  thanks! ;)


Matthew Jacobs

Re: Help choosing a multi channel EQ for mixing!
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I'm in a similar situation...

Anyone else wanna give their opinion or complete the poll?



Re: Help choosing a multi channel EQ for mixing!
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It's the most flexible, simple EQ there is.

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Re: Help choosing a multi channel EQ for mixing!
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Hi Guys,

       I think your poll has potentially the most applicable option missing. I have to give a serious nudge to yous all with respect to Peter's 500/51x series Neve 1084 eq. Now that the 51x racks seem to be looming(already loomed(?)), you will very soon have all you could ever need. Period. - Trust me. . . . .

      I will, however, be building some discrete DOA HF/LF only versions of Audiox's Studer 169. I am sure they will be awesome over mein drumbus und mixbus, . . . .  (I have fond memories of a home session with a 169) . . . but, for yer all-round mixing-type-duties, it's da LA_Z/NEVE 1084 all the way! the extra top-end frequencies(20kHz and 25kHz) open the uses for this puppy right up. Pteviously, I would not often use a 1073 on vocals, since the 10kHz (or is it 12kHz?) HF shelf is just too low for most situations. I cannot imagine how hard it will be when Peter wants this back . . . i NEED this eq for vocals alone . . . . . My usual suspects(API550a, Helios, Glensound, Homebrew passive pultec-esque) are lying idle as far as LD Vox is concerned . . . Best ever on drums . . .

        . . . . oh dear, I need a 51x FULL

    Sound AND functionality

       ps . . . . anyone want to buy my wife?

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Re: Help choosing a multi channel EQ for mixing!
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Thanks for chiming in guys.... So the 1084 is really one of "the EQs" to go for??? From its build I'm guessing it must sound good with all those discrete components and inductors... only issue is the costs...

There are also some other guys working on a 1084 PCB 'round here...

Hey Keef, the Baxendall is similar to the Studer 169 right?

I'm also looking into the EQ described on Fred Forssell's web site... the one with only one op-amp...

I'm trying to find a "generic" EQ I can incorporate into the mixing console I wanna build... but the more I think of it the more I think a bunch of inserts on the desk that can be patched to any EQ is probably the best way to go.

Thanks for the advise


Re: Help choosing a multi channel EQ for mixing! New
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PeterC's 553 might be worth consideration.
1084 would be the most flexible option...obviously.  :)

Edit: Also, Igor's Pheaton may be arriving in 500 format.
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