Combining LC filters
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I would like to add an EMI filter to a high powerLED driver. The datasheet of the driver suggests an LC filter for the power line as shown below. However I would like to use more than one driver connected to the same power line, how would I properly combine these?

Should I use a single inductor - capacitor combination for all drivers? Does the inductance and capacitance multiply, or does it stay the same for any number of drivers? Or perhaps separate filters for each driver is the way to go? In this case adding the inductors is clear - one for each driver's Vin, but what about the capacitors? One common capacitor for all inductors?

As you probably already see, noise filtering is quite new for me, so any help will be appreciated!

 It's step-down DC constant current driver.


Re: Combining LC filters
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I am puzzled; the data sheets of the device you linked to has a completely different pin configuration to your drawing.



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Re: Combining LC filters
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Re: Combining LC filters
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Is it maybe advanced spam?

Looks like... completely non-audio!