Re: G-PULTEC problems, please help!
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...but the pcb layout is differing from schematic and has the throw connections just the other way round, IE you'd have to join 2 with 3, 5 with 6, 7 with 8 and 10 with 11, else you'd be partly shorting out an inductor winding section. As this mixup in your case only would give a different frequency response, the error must be in a different spot. Something like a broken pcb trace, a broken, wrong connected or wrong value Hi-boost Q pot, ...
good luck
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Re: G-PULTEC problems, please help!
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hm i would be happy if i got a changing frequency response at all. i already replaced the q pot and high boost and cut potentiometers. no change.


Re: G-PULTEC problems, please help!
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found the problem after reading this post......

Problem solved!

I found out while remeasuring everything, that the 1M resistor above the bypass switch was giving me 1M at both positions of the bypass switch while that should have been bypassed.

So it was a bad connection in the bypass switch after all, but i didn't think of that before because the lo freq circuit was bypassed all right by that same switch!


i somehow... didn't wire the bypass switch  ::)


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