Lucky dip box of valves, any ideas ?
« on: February 12, 2010, 11:30:01 AM »
A friend of mine recently cleared out his attic for a house move.
He found, and gave to me, a box of valves.
He was an apprentice at Marconi (space and Navy work) in the late 70's / early 80's

Some are new looking, some used, some have no numbers left on.
Almost all are Mullard and most likely military spec.

Well, I'll have no problem finding a use for the EF86 and the 3 ECC82's (12AU7)
Plenty if mics or pre's to be made with these.

Here are the other small signal looking ones, identified quickly using TDSL.

PCC89 x1      (dual triode)
EF85 x2        (pentode)
PCF80 x5      (triode,pentode) CV8433
PCL84 x1      (triode,pentode)
EL42            (pentode)
PCC84          (dual triode)  7AN7 ?
ECL80 x2      (triode,pentode)
EH90            (heptode)
6BW6           (Pentode)
6CL6            (Pentode)
6BX6            (Pentode)  EF80 ?

Any of these stand out as gems for a particular project ?

Equally, are any known as a bit of a waste of time for audio use?
If you spot something you have been looking for, let me know, they are all up for grabs.
Any UK valve adicts (Rodabod ?) I'll post them.

A similarly long list of power stage valves coming soon.

Then it will be the 'any one know what this is' photos.

Like getting a big bag of sweets  ;D



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