Feedback oscillation problem in V372 gain feedbackloop
« on: February 18, 2010, 05:22:16 AM »


Ive been studying here on vintage audio for a year now, and I am really happy. Thanks for all inspiration!

I have to be more interactive and making posts here now. I have just finnished one racking of a V272 and a fader, all went super and I didnt have to try servicing the modules or anything. I left the v272 without trying to insert a gain mod.

Now thou, I have racked a pair of Telefunken V372. Just V372.  .. not V372/1, D , Tab ..or else.
I need shortly help If someone got experience.  I have used a 100k pot between pin 9 and 10 at the v372. an 470k pot was even earlier feedback in the gainsetting.
At using a 100k pot, it oscillated at about 80% of the setting or so.. Before this, it sound really great and I wish all was fine.
But since I am actually racking theese for a proffesional studio, with a lot of artist going to use it, for drum overheads, backing vocals, guitar etc..
I want this package to be fine!! I doesnt feel ok to give the producer an allmost perfect working product.

So this should really be something simple.  If you have actual experience or feel that you know this, I would really appreciate it. Just if you know what the problem should be. I have read all threads on here and GS, but nothing on my specific model, and I dont understand 100%.

Something with the value or missing an additional resistor or grounding the pot?

Many thanks, all best!



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