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Here's the meta to the stuff I've done over the years - anything I do gets plastered in here.

What started as a tiny cubicle next to the washing machine broke out into the living room
(bringing about great emotional turmoil) and then sooner or later took over the entire apartment.

You can etch a lot of it yourself, mail me for the layout (no, not the beast ;) ) or just order
them through my shop.

GSSL - mon amour...

My first two GSSLs

Working on the internal CnB and appropriate panels (went waaay OT)

Rev2 Internal CnB support (Rev4 going clear next up)

Peter adulterating it on sight

Cooking up a PPM meter with the guys who know how goes that

And the Peak-Hold PPM going proto on Breadboard

Sir Keefston rescuing Rev3 and mending its broken wings (she's yours btw)

The current state of the project

Road map to Jakob's version (Major ├╝ber-Kudos to him) and my view on layout design


Tweaking Buddies

Mictester's Compression Sustainer


Lab PSU - power when you need it

16ch breakout box for your bench

Random Stuff:

Hans Cornelis' MIDIRouterFilterCompressorSysexMachine

Chrome Steel Lasered and etched panels

Here in DIY, it never gets boring...

And to everyone who helped me on the way...THANK YOU!

In particular to Gyraf, Keith, TV, PRR, Kato, Peter, JohnRoberts, JDBakker, Ruiari, Marco, Stefan, Hans and a whole bunch more.

You were the University I never had, and never could have gotten anywhere else.

If you want a good know? Write your own :)
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