My solution was a battery operated bistable relay and (on)-off-(on) toggle switch in the front panel. A 9V battery lasts forever since the relay consumes power only when it is changing.

Do you remember which relay model that was? I've been looking for a fitting bi-stable relay for my application: DTSP (220VAC, less than 1A), or equivalent.

Finder for example has one that gets close, but there's no 9V model available.


Introducing: The conduit!

solution I ended up with, based on tv's suggestion. Thanks!

Complete success. Absolutely no mains VAC leaking anywhere this way. I originally tried some shielding sheets originally made for transformers and while they worked, it wasn't a complete removal of the leaks.

Notice all the wiring going on top and under it. This aluminum compartment is ideal. It's bolted onto chassis underneath, and grounded this way of course. Easy maintenance access and doesn't get in the way too much. Plain aluminum pipe available in every hardware store.

I suppose if I didn't have those huge brown PIO caps providing additional shielding (with their metal cases) I might have to extend the pipe. I can create 20-90 degree corners easily with this pipe. I'll be sure to use this in my future projects.


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