water logged akg 451
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Any suggestions, studio flooded here in Nashville.  Have them drying out but think they were sitting in a box with a bit of water for a day or so.  I know to dry and clean switches but don't know what else.  Is there any hope?


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Re: water logged akg 451
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Take it all apart and let it TOTALLY dry. A hair dryer here and there will prevent mildew. Don't get it too hot. And don't plug it in till totally dry. Take a look at the capsule too with a magnifying glass to make sure there is no mineral deposits from the water. (Likely) You may have to clean it with DI water or distilled.

If you are sure it got dunked then Di water won't hurt it any further. If anything will clean it.

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Re: water logged akg 451
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Sorry to disagree but it's better to wash with distilled water and a soft brush (except no brush on the capsule) and then LET IT DRY NATURALLY so the water will run out or evaporate on it's own.
Using a blower, especially with heat and with any force can cause even more problems.
Definitely clean switches and contacts with the proper products.


Re: water logged akg 451
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No disagreement here DI or distilled water. It's a single capsule mike so not water sandwich right?

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Re: water logged akg 451
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thanks for the input,  will ty to be careful with the caps, just sucks as they were my babies.  the caps may not be possible to take apart we shall see.  many studios are much more screwed than mine, think my computer is cool, and had backups. 

Mike Cleaver

Re: water logged akg 451
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Good luck to all our Nashville friends in dealing with the aftermath of the flooding.
A lot of gear can be salvaged with a good cleaning and drying out but it all depends on what might have been in the flood water (sewage, various toxic chemicals, etc.)
A cellphone dropped in water or black coffee usually will survive if you clean it immediately.
But drop it into Coca Cola (not diet) and it will die a pretty quick death.
Here's hoping that many had insurance and that the companies involved will settle all claims fairly.
Hopefully, all levels of government there will step in to help people recover.


Re: water logged akg 451
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    I just wanted to chime in and say that 6-7- years ago when I wouldn't think of opening up a mic ( or any other piece of gear ) I came across three beautiful 451's that were found in a basement. I called AKG and they referred me to a gentleman named Dick Land who lives in or around Nashville, he serviced them and replaced one of the diaphragms for one of the CK1s.
  Now I know this is supposed to be DIY, but I remember him being very knowledgeable, helpful and the price was resonable. If you or anyone else is interested, drop an email, I still have his phone #, although I havent used it in a few years.

  just tryin to help   ;D
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Re: water logged akg 451
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WOW I was completely unaware Nashville got flooded 'till I read this post. I wish everyone well there and hope everything is ok.

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Re: water logged akg 451
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It amazing how much water there was or still is in Nashville, sorry to hear about your mics.


Re: water logged akg 451
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thanks for the info.  I may take them into korby or some place else if I can swing it.  I opened one of the capsules and it doesn't look any more dirty than one that didn't get any water, so I may be ok.  Next step I plan to just hook them up and listen.

Nashville is kind of a small town with alot of gear and it seems like lately I don't know anybody that didn't lose something, lots of guitars at soundcheck's warehouse etc.

Thanks, for the help.


Re: water logged akg 451
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Any of you Nashville folks

If you need any electronics cleaned from flooding call my old
Buddy Ricky at:

They may be able to help as I think they still do some cleaning in house
besides selling their cleaning stations.  I've known Ricky for over 30 years
He and his Cleaning Process are 1st class.  I had Odell clean a Soundcraft desk
about 25 years ago that had a Quart of BEER dumped in it.  After Odell cleaned it, it WORKED
and LOOKED better than the day it was made.  They Cleaned all the modules
in my Amek about 15 years ago which fixed LOTS of problems. (Switches, Pots, Faders  etc)


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