Im looking for ( ..if there is ) the possible broadcast filter at perhaps 15khz ? in the siemens v272 line amp.

If there is a capacitor that sits around blocking a full frequencyresponce, I would gladly remove it since the amp is a bit dark in character, not superbright on the tops.
If there is also a bassfilter, just tell me also if you know. There is also an inductor (drossel) wich im wondering why its there.
When removing a filtering component like this, should I just put a jumper?
Easy if you know i hope, just tell me the number(s) of the parts to be removed.

..If you have an answer. Im sure one or many have done this.
No smartass searchbutton-answers please.  Glad if anyone can help me, that have done this himself. ( or herself??)

thank you very plenty much!! :-)

abbey road d enfer

The capacitor between both halves of the primary cretes a High pass at 80Hz. Since it is heavily damped by R21 and R20, it is 1st-order (6dB/octave).
The inductor Dr1 in the emitter of Ts1 creates a Low Pass filter. Since the value is unknown, I can't tell the frequency, but I suspect it could create this feeling of "darkness".
You can defeat them by shorting C11 and Dr1.
Caveat: the inductor may be there to suppress a tendency to oscillate (but I very much doubt it). When shorting it, make sure the unit does not oscillate.
Who's right or wrong is irrelevant. What matters is what's right or wrong.
Star ground is for electricians.

Thank you very much! Much appreciated



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