Stolen Gear
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A while back a couple of U87s were stolen from our studio, serials 33373 (half of a stereo pair, OUCH) and 42697.
A police report was filed.  If anyone comes across either, please let me know.  We are in Atlanta GA USA.

edit:  A little history of this post.  I messaged Ethan about having this as a Sticky for the community to use when one of your pieces of gear "walked off", and he agreed to give it a try.  It is open for anyone to post so that if it is offered to one of us, or if someone sees it on eBay, the owner can get a 'heads-up".  Comments are also welcomed. /edit:
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Rob Flinn

Re: Stolen Gear
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& you live where ??
regards Rob


Re: Stolen Gear
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is everyone able to see that under each user name it states where you are from? just curious


Re: Stolen Gear
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It maybe  better to p.m. or email questions [ to others ]
to keep this thread clean and almost have all posts
just stating the stolen items & circumstance

nevermind talking about who can see what BUT
inquiring to the original poster can make one post
into a thread in itself , that way
One post one item and it will be easier for everyone
to see and keep track of so we can hopefully all
help each other out
GKB Audio / Greg Boboski


Re: Stolen Gear
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We had a suitcase of mics stolen from our studio in brussels around march.
They were all old and we couldn't find the serial numbers, but if someone sees a guy selling a bunch of mics in belgium, please let me know.
The case had:
1x old Schoeps CMT (CMT20 I think)
1x Beyer m160 (old silver version, the grill has been reglued to the top)
4x AKG 414, 3 black, 1 silver(not working)
3x AKG 451 with mic clips taped to it.
We had these mikes for a long time before they were stolen and we seriously miss them!
If you come across a similar bulk of microphones please contact me directly or contact DADA Studios in brussels at dada (at) dada (dot) be
Thanks guys!


Re: Stolen Gear
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this has already been reported to Neumann but earlier this year a Neumann 147 was stolen from my work place serial # 04575. Mic was stolen but the PSU and multipin cable were left.

Every mic has a purpose it might be a door stop or a hammer, but every mic has a purpose.


Re: Stolen Gear
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I got a call from my friends at Morrisound studios yesterday afternoon, advising me that they were broken into over the weekend. Some of the details of HOW they were broken into are pretty gruesome in that they indicate it was a VERY well-planned robbery, the thieves had PLENTY of time to do a pretty comprehensive job of loading up a truck...

Here's a link to a news page with video:

So if anyone hears of any gear going at a price which is too cheap to be real, please let me or one of the Morris Brothers know.

Among other bizarre aspects, the computer and power supply rack for their G-series console was stolen... while the console itself was left behind.

I don't have a full list of equipment with serial numbers yet, but I'll post details of what's missing when it's all sorted out.

The Morrisound location houses a pair family-owned studios which have actually been doing good business. They've always paid their bills on time, are well respected and the staff are well-liked... With so many studios going to the wall because of a lack of business, it sickens me to see a studio which actually still HAS regular clients being hit like this.

-If anyone hears anything, please either contact the Tampa Bay PD, or -if they'd rather the source remain anonymous- contact me, and I'll forward the information without attribution.

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Re: Stolen Gear
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keith , get a list with serial numbers together and post it so we all can look out for it.

Every mic has a purpose it might be a door stop or a hammer, but every mic has a purpose.


Re: Stolen Gear
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Someone sent me this link to a stolen Les Paul and studio gear:
Amateur experimenter

Re: Stolen Gear
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Someone sent me this link to a stolen Les Paul and studio gear:

Here's the guys webpage listing all the stolen gear.

Very saddening :(

Re: Stolen Gear
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This was just posted on facebook today:   

The following guitars were stolen from Mitch Easter (REM producer, Let's Active). Many thanks for spreading the word and keeping your eyes open!

1. G&L L-2000 bass, natural, 1980-1 version (Fender headstock) (USA)
2. Jerry Jones Longhorn Bass, aquaburst, ser. no. 046706 recent (USA)
3. Fender pink paisley Stratocaster, 2004 (Japan)
4. Fender rosewood- body Telecaster, rosewood fretboard, 2003 (Mexico)
5. Fender Electric XII, Olympic White w/tortoise pickguard, 1966 (USA)
6. Kay 6-string acoustic, 1962, rebuilt by Scott Baxendale, red sunburst (USA)
7. Guild S-60, black, 1979 (USA)


Re: Stolen Gear
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Hi guys,
i hate to post stuff like this but i bought and payed a 1176 kit april/may this year from Nicolo Trukdier.
He is a member from here under the name "Trukdis".

Contact was very good till i payed. I sent him around ten E-Mails with the appeal to ship the parts... he answered one time on the second e-mail that he was very busy but no email and no parts gotten so far.

If someone knows him, please kick him from me, he would like to ship the payed things.
thats not a very kindly mode.

thank you very much.

kind regards
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Re: Stolen Gear
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Snare drum stolen from a car in LongIslandCity.  Belongs to a friend of mine.  It's a "perfect circle" snare drum serial 00001 (yeah, prototype shouldnt be to easy to sell to a store without them knowing this doesnt belong to any average joe walking in to sell it)
MEI Studio - Long Island, NY:


Re: Stolen Gear
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This is a LONG time after the original theft, but I think I'd like to share some good news...

Morrisound's equipment was recovered.... practically ALL of it!!!

The stuff was recovered after a raid in the Carolinas. -Place had everything stored away from numerous raids across several states.

Since this is federal (crossing state lines) the guy's going to be doing a LOT of time.

They're just DELIGHTED to have recovered their stuff... -It was over a year, I think... but they've basically got it all back... including the first guitar that they ever bought.

Hope against hope that you guys can be as lucky as the Morris brothers were...

"A waist is a terrible thing to mind"
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Ah, but that was 1999; we don't party like that any more.


Re: Stolen Gear
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Thats great to hear!
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Re: Stolen Gear
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Re: Stolen Gear
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A year or so ago I made a twin mic pre demo unit for potential clients in the USA to check out. It was held by T. Ray Bullard who lent it out to various studios and touring bands. It got a lot of use. Then, towards the end of last year it disappeared. T. Ray lent it to someone and it never came back and I can't seem to contact him any more so I am treating it as stolen. It is one of a kind, one of my very early designs, and comes in a 3U rack mounting case with a separate rack mounting PSU. I have made a smaller folder on my web site with pics and other information on it. If anyone comes across it or is offered it please let me know.



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Re: Stolen Gear
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The following things were stolen from a colleage's studio (Patrik Majer's Freudenhaus) here in Berlin:

-Neumann M49 (including PSU, without cable!!!) , Ser.No.: 948
-Wagner U47w (including PSU, without cable!!!) , Ser.No.: 133
-Wagner U47w (including PSU, without cable!!!) , Ser.No.: 134
-Neumann M149 ni. Anniversary Edition (including PSU and cable), Ser.No.: 192
-Neumann M147 (including PSU and cable)), Ser.No.: will be provided later
-Neumann U47 fet , grey/black, Ser.No.: will be provided later
-Neumann U47 fet , grey/black, Ser.No.: will be provided later
-Neumann U47 fet , silver, Ser.No.: will be provided later
-Neumann CMV5 + M7s- + M8- + Torpedokopf-Kugel-Kapsel, (with PSU) Ser.No.: 50
-RFT CM 7151 + M7-Kapsel, (with PSU), Ser.No.: 3208
-Neumann M582/M93 (including PSU, without cable!!!), Ser.No.: 123
-Neumann M582/M93 (including PSU, without cable!!!), Ser.No.: 2340
-Brauner VM1 (including PSU, without cable!!!), Ser.No.: 148
-Urei 1178, Ser.No.: will be provided later
-Manley Variable MU, Ser.No.: will be provided later
-Chandler EMI TG 12345 Curve Bender, Mastering Version (1/2 dB Steps), Ser.No.: 000190
-Lavry "Gold" AD122-96 MKIII, Ser.No.: 55556
-Retro Instruments 2A3 Dual Program EQ, Ser.No.: will be provided later
-Dynacord DRP-20
-API 550V 10-Slot-Rack with:
2x API 512c
2x API 550b
3x API 560
2x API 525
1x Anamod AM660

The 'job' was carried out very professionally, maybe they will try to sell things.
Please contact Patrik at +49 172 9910709 or freudenhaus at if anything of the above shows up.

Don't let the bastards get away with it or even develop a habit!!



Re: Stolen Gear
« Reply #18 on: November 08, 2013, 09:02:21 PM »
Stolen from Ishpeming, MI:

1) Les Paul Studio, mid 1990s, Wine Red, factory blem with crack in paint on back seam, old bad tuners (original), missing neck adjuster plate with the word "Studio", chrome pickups and tuners

2) early 1980s Harmony Flying "V" guitar with a lot of custom art work on it, sharpie over white with gold knobs.

3) Washburn 5-string bass, probably late 1980s model, active electronics, black.

Feels like beans compared to some of the stuff that has been stolen on this forum, but I'm pretty mad about it.

Damn druggies. They also liked XBox 360 Games...  :'(

Any info call:
9o6 - 2o4 - 2 3 8 5


Re: Stolen Gear
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Hi all,

Gear stolen from Black Dog Recording in the Albany, NY area.

Neumann U67 (3074) w/ Neumann psu
Neumann Gefell UM57 (1033 body, 2119 head, Theirsch reskin) w/ Peak Power
Lucas CS-1 (72)
Neumann U87 (8463) "Property of AGENCY" scratched in the back
Neumann KM84 (51515 and 59042)
AEA R84 (2177) There are two, but I only have one serial number.
Beyer M160 (17406 and 17346)
Coles 4038 matched pair
Lawson L47fet (144)
Beyer M500 (38380) Sank Mod
Beyer M201 (038930)
MD421 (228052, 228043 and 228051)
Barefoot MM27 pair on sound anchors
Chandler LTD-2 Mastering Pair w/ selectable ratios (402 and 403)
Daking FET II pair
Urei 1178
API 3124+
Collins 6Q-1 (2 modules in bronze rack)
Gates SA-70 (2 modules in silver rack) They forgot the psu for this one...
Lexicon PCM96
tc electronic D2
Lynx Aurora 16 pair
Intel power mac with Lynx AES16 and a UAD Quad Omni
Magma rack with PT HD3 in it.
Fender Corodado (yellow) Feb 67
Guild B-301 1976
Aria hollow body (The Sifters guitar)
There is plenty of other smaller stuff that will get lost in the stratosphere, but if you see any of this stuff... please let me know.
seamusmcn at gmail
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