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black dog studios in stillwater NY  had a break in. Here is a link to the article in sonic scoop

Here is a list  of stolen Items without serial numbers

Neumann U67  w/ Neumann psu
Neumann Gefell UM57  w/ Peak Power
Lucas CS-1
Neumann U87 “Property of AGENCY” scratched in the back
Neumann KM84
Beyer M160
Coles 4038 matched pair
Lawson L47fet
Beyer M500  Sank Mod
Beyer M201


Barefoot MM27 pair on sound anchors


Chandler LTD-2 Mastering Pair w/ selectable ratios
Daking FET II pair
Urei 1178
API 3124+
Collins 6Q-1 (2 modules in bronze rack)
Gates SA-70 (2 modules in silver rack) They forgot the psu for this one…
Lexicon PCM96
TC Electronic D2
Lynx Aurora 16 pair
Intel power mac with Lynx AES16 and a UAD Quad Omni
Magma rack with PT HD3 in it.

Instruments and Amps

Marshall 2204s 50 watt head
Fender Corodado (yellow) Feb 67
Guild B-301 1976
Aria hollow body (The Sifters guitar)

Visit the studio’s website http://www.tonecreative.com/blackdog/contact/ , and get in touch via [email protected].
Every mic has a purpose it might be a door stop or a hammer, but every mic has a purpose.


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Hi guys!
Good news, some of our mics that were stolen in 2010 have finally turned up!

We're hunting the rest back...
They were stolen by clients of ours, who can you trust?


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quote from a GS post:

Hi everyone.. My studio here in Oxford, Mississippi was broken in to last night... I was on the first day of installing a Trident A Range that was recently acquired from Soma studios in Chicago... The thief stole all of our TV's, monitors, and a box of four of the monitor modules from the A Range....as well as a 1968 Rickenbacker 366 Conversion guitar serial number hf1072 that were in the lounge area. If anyone comes across either of these items please let me know. Thank you for your time... I sincerely appreciate it!

-Andrew Ratcliffe
Tweed Recording

Doug Williams
Electromagnetic Radiation Recorders

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I had a Frazier FM-2 stereo solid state mixer s/n 54507 stolen from by door within five minutes of a signed for FedEx delivery on May 28, 2015.  I open these large packages in the carport and after signing for I went inside to empty my bladder.  Within that time, maybe three minutes, the parcel was stolen from my carport.  There was no sign of anything in the neighborhood nor was there anyone following the delivery truck which was still in the neighborhood.

There is a police report on file with the Palo Alto Police Department.

Jonathan Horne


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this has already been reported to Neumann but earlier this year a Neumann 147 was stolen from my work place serial # 04575. Mic was stolen but the PSU and multipin cable were left.

Old post,  but it may be important

Top tier Neumann tube microphone.
 Very well treated working exactly as it is supposed to.

 Neumann M147 tube mic. Just the microphone. You will need a Neumann cable (DIN-8) and power supply (N149A). Recently studio tested (and utilized) and performing up to specs. $885

 What you see in the photos is what is being offered. No more, no less.
 Trades? Sure. I'll trade for a 1956 Strat. Otherwise, please don't bother to ask...


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I had my bag nicked from the studio.
Nothing of any importance apart from a nice little transformer iso box i built in a Hammond die cast enclosure.
White engraved front with a Sonica logo.

The thief probably just kept the laptop and dumped the rest but if anyone does spot it somewhere i'd love to have it back...


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If you know of someone who had their guitar stolen in the Seattle area take a look.



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I'd guess it's unrelated coincidence.  Nice to hear from him ASAP.   I'd imagine the card is shut down and he'd need a new one to complete the transaction, if it's handled correctly. 

Doug Williams
Electromagnetic Radiation Recorders

"I think this can be better. Some kind of control that's intuitive, not complicated like a single knob" - Crusty

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Posting this for a collegue mastering-engineer from Germany.

Matering Studio robbed - Stolen Gear List
Hi there,

i am a german mastering engineer. Last weekend my whole studio was completely robbed!!!

i have a list of stolen gear:

- Avalon AD 2077 (serial #10800 )
- Fairman TMC SPE (serial # 3B0045)
- Vertigo VSC 2 (serial # VS106C)
- Drawmer S3 (serial # 0904 / 00211)
- Millennia NSEQ 2 inkl. FF Mod (serial # EQ2-666)
- Forssell MADA-2 (serial # 168)
- Dangerous Monitor ST (serial # 1458)
- Dangerous DAC (serial # 206)
- TC Powercore 6000 (serial # 7140405)
- Adam S3a
- Avantone Mix Cubes
- Vovoxcabelling with Vovox looms
- PC by Digital Audionetworx with UAD 2 Octo, UAD 2 Quad with loads of licenses and a RME AES EBU interface, and other software programs, such as Wavelab 9 and Cubase 9

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Peer Hahnefeld

Online Mixing
Berlinerstr. 18b
06901 Kemberg OT Eutzsch

Mobil: 0163/6807132
Tel. : 03491/454699
Mail : [email protected]

Online Mixing – Die größte Mastering Regie Europas
Da Goose Music Mastering http://www.dagoosemusic.nl

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Hello All-

On this past Sunday DEC 10 between the hours of 12 and 8AM one of my sound companies vans was stollen filled to the top with gear in southern CT, USA. Our worst nightmare became a reality. Grinding it out one gig at a time from 2012 this really sets us back a major notch. I want to vomit.  With any luck perhaps someone will come across any lead what so ever. Thanks so much everyone- I've learned so much here over the years and I truly appreciate you all. 

Here Goes : /

Yellow 1998 Ford E-350
Licence Plate C-081653

2 X JBL SRX 725
2 X JBL SRX 728 (freshly painted)
2 X Crown itech 8000
4 X JBL PRX 715s
1 X QSC K12
1 X Soundcraft Xpression 32 Ch ( with firewire card)
1 X gator case above console was in
2 X Whirlwind Snakes - 24X8 150ft , 12X4 100 ft
1 X SKB Mic case with 57s 58s, e604s, e609, Beta 52, ATM25, 8 Di boxes, wireless Router
3 X Husky cable trunks filled with power, mic, speaker cables...
1 X Alesis Masterlink
1X Earthworks DK25/L Drumkit package
1X Apple iPad Air
20X various Mic stands
1 X Hand Cart


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