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Hey felix, I tried to upload it but it’s not going through — I think maybe the file is too big.  PM me and we’ll get it sorted.


Re: SB4000 Support Thread
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would be great man! i didn‘t find it yet.
Thank you!
Here is a link to all the docs I have for this:

As the build guide and BOM and such.  Sorry theres a few other random docs that pertain to my own build you can ignore ha


Re: SB4000 Support Thread
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Links have been fixed.
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Re: SB4000 Support Thread
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I'm trying to calibrate power on my SB4000 build and I keep frying the 10 ohm resistor at R182 on the PS board.  The first time I believe I accidentally shorted the pins with my meter probe.  I replaced the part and got the PS calibrated alone but R182 fried again as soon as I connected the main board (with the control board still disconnected) - replaced it again and it fried again when connecting the main board. 

Are there parts I should replace in the power supply  besides R182 (and its companion R183)?  I have some electronics education but mostly from many years ago, so I will have to beg your patience with me if I am being thick here.

I have looked for any obvious problems with solder bridges or component orientation and I found nothing.  One thing I notice is that the VU meter (I am using the one from Hairball) is very bright - before replacing the PS resistors the second time, I also upped of R133 (currently using 300 ohms, I  believe I originally used 260) in case that was an issue, but the meter still seems very bright - until R182 cooks, at least.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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