Re: MK47 PCB tube mic kit - build thread
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and does it matter if the second mic only sees 102v instead of 105v?

I would not worry about 3v difference. Each tube draws different amount of current, so that's probably where the 3v come from. That's also why you should keep power supplies with there respective microphones. So you set up the correct voltage for that particular tube/mic once and leave it (except for checking it every few months) until you change the tube again.
Concerning the gain difference; that could also be the tube. Maybe swap the tubes and see if the gain changes with it.
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Re: MK47 PCB tube mic kit - build thread
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Ok, cool - and thanks for the suggestion on trying different valves - I have some spares I can also try.

Re: MK47 PCB tube mic kit - build thread
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Overview of the two MK47’s


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I would not bring those two wires through the transformer bobbins like that. Seems like a good way to induce voltage where you might not want it.

I would not worry about the gain difference unless its drastically different. All the things others have said is true in my experience with this mic design. The 408a tubes vary greatly in their noise floor and sonic quality, I tested dozens before I settled on two tubes that I liked the sound of.

As to the power supply that is suggested for this mic remember it is an unregulated design so therefore the voltage will change with varying states such as line voltage fluctuation and component variance.

Lastly those are drastically different capsules and it does not surprise me at all that the mics vary in voicing and timbre.
Check out this awesome website for some real testing and data on the mic that inspired this design.
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