MK170 sequencer
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hi all

i ve seen this video.....
and i found that it s fanstastikk ;D

i looking for the complete shematic of this
i have only found this but i don t understand all ???

Maybe someone can help me!!




Re: MK170 sequencer
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That is not the correct schematic.

Look here:

The rest is explained very clear in the video.


Buy and build the kit, test its normal funktion.

Solder a wire between R1 and QA1, connect the other end of the wire to the left solder tab of a
10kOhm linear potentiometer(pot). The right tab of the pot goes to earth = minus side of the battery.
Repeat for R2, R3 .....R8. (you'll need 8 potentiometers)

To the middle pin of the pots you connect the unmarked end of a diode (type 1N4148 or pref. Schottky or germanium, you'll need 8 diodes). The other end (marked with a band) is connected together with all the other diodes and then connected to the left tab on a 100kOhm linear pot. Right tab to earth, middle tab to the output connector.

Good luck,


Hmm... in which direction do the electrons actually go?


Re: MK170 sequencer
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thx a lot!!!
it works fine!