Nondestructive transformer tests?
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What are the best ways to non-destructively get information on audio transformers? I've fished a 10 turn winding around the core, as RG Keen recommends to find the turn counts. Promising results there.

The biggest problem I'm having is getting a consistent measurement of inductance. Just touching a coil for several seconds sways the measurement a large amount. Is there a formula to measure the core temp and standardize inductance measurements made at various temps? Resistance varies too, but not as much.


Re: Nondestructive transformer tests?
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Are you using pointed probes or alligator clips?  Clips will give you more consistent contact with the wires while probes sometimes drift - especially if you are using your fingers to hold them to the wires  ;D


Re: Nondestructive transformer tests?
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CJ (somewhere in his 10K posts) has addressed how small amounts of pressure on a core will affect L readings.   Basic L readings are at best a suggestion, further testing required.   I can measure during different seasons at different temps and get different results.

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Re: Nondestructive transformer tests?
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Thanks fellas! I am using alligator clips on short leads.

I've searched through CJ's  post history dozens of times for various reasons, will give it another round on this topic.