The subfascia needs to have the folded edges to be stable when using the knobs and buttons.
Otherwise they would flex to much.

Yes, thumbscrews are included and will most likely be M3.5, only becuase the tapped strips for the ISEP rails you can get now are that size.
Will look into original 4BA as well though.

The rods in these pictures are actualyl from an AMS reissue, and they are a little bigger actually so good catch!
Mine will be in mm and not inches, but as close to the original as possible, but its very minor differences between them all.
Yes, they are aluminium and kind of expensive to get made with all the drilling and tapping. :)


Hi guys.

So the day is finally here and i have placed the order for the chassis!
The metalwork will hopefully be done in a few weeks time and then i need to get them plated, the frontpanels painted and screened and buttons engraved and more.
So, i doubt that everything will be done until August so you know and dont expect anything else.
But i will keep everyone posted along the way.

I will start to send out invoices in the next two weeks and if someone else want to join in there is still time!
Just send me an email at dennis at 9voltstudio dot se

Here is the list so far.
Please let me know if you want to change anything or if i missed to put you on the list.

16-24 Dennis
32 Micke
16 Tommie
4 Jarek
1 Kvintus
2 Lolo-M
2 Paul
16 Serg
16 Tommy
2 59Flame
10 Acke
2 Morblue
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$160 each: pcb set w/pins, BE switches. 8)

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