Calling all hackers and grinders, those building mic bodies out of handrails, copper pipes, grease guns*, etc. SHARE YOUR SECRETS AND TIPS!

In another thread I proposed sharing guerrilla mic building tips. So here it is.

Condenser mic body from a 2" diameter

Inner rails cut from aluminum "L-channel":

* i'm talking to you Bri  :D
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This was Salossi's innovation http://www.groupdiy.com/index.php?topic=18739&highlight=mount+mic+capsuleSalossi%27s%20G7%20%27 but the pictures don't seem to be online anymore so here's my M3 pcb standoff structure.
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Ok, here is a tube mic based on Analag's 6au6 circuit with Tim campbell's CT12 (click on thumbnails):

the body is made of brass 40mm dia. bar rail tubing, grill head from a piece of a brass chandelier, and a flat brass rod soldered on it. mesh from artcraft store. end cap from the same "chandelier".

The inards:

two brass rods. The white plastic (discs with turrets fited, capsule holder) is from a 4mm teflon sheet.
blue thing is moulding silicone.

Omni, based on Marik's WM61A circuit with Terra Operative's PCB.

Plumbing pipe, 6mm brass tube, 8mm aluminium tube, brass endcap for curtain rail.

SD mic pair, not painted yet, based on oktava mk012 with original cardioid capsules, homemade PCB, circuit based on Scott Dorsey's article.

teflon disk with the inside of a BNC connector (gold plated in teflon insulating), fits perfectly with the capsule's contact pin. Hi Z components soldered "in the air" at the back :


More to come : another tube mic with Ben's K7 capsule and C3g-s tube, Pencil tube mic with M70 capsule, submini tube and KM84 trafo, Ribbon mics pair, Fet mic with peluso CK12, a baby for christmas... Just give me a decade or two... :P



elam 250 clone
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this is my example !



some variations of a G7 , still working out the rails for MK7 and MK47 . will post pics when done .
(click to enlarge)

Freddy G

Here are some new mic bodies I'm making. Same construction technique as my G7s (as in my avatar) except these will be ribbon mics and so the body will be shorter.

PRR wrote:
Use #18 wire for rock-n-roll, #16 wire for classical.



Hi, Kato, unfortunately, the thread for the capsule didn't appear to be standard. so what I did is to buy a 10db pad from OktavaUSA (on ebay), dismenteled the inards, disolved the black paint in acetone, and soldered it into the pipe. Thread seems to be the major PITA, to me when making body for SD capsules.
Happy anyway they're not bayonet style...

The conductive insert is the inside of a female video connector (BNC, I think) it's golden plated brass in a teflon insulator and  the contact pin of the capsule fits perfectly in it. Then I fited it in the 6mm(or 6.2mm) center hole of a teflon 18mm diameter disk I cut in some 4mm thick sheet (could be another material). This disk, when sanded down a bit, just slides into the pad body.
I have a dozen of these connectors from a scavanged video rack unit. They're perfect for MK012 head capsules (but are a tad too large for the pin of a M70, for example) . I could send a couple as a christmas gift  ;)

Freddy: very inspiring!
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heres my cheapo alices;
I used normal hand drill as a lathe to sand metal pipe, and then sh*tload of filing:)


They're perfect for MK012 head capsules (but are a tad too large for the pin of a M70, for example) . I could send a couple as a christmas gift  ;)

I would love one, thank you! Very generous of you.
I'm going to copy your idea and disassemble a 10dB pad - great idea. It's the only stumbling block preventing me from building one. It just never occurred to me.

This thread is so much more inspiring that I'd imagined. A lot of smart DIY engineering going on around here!


...And the most cheapo annual gift goes to Kato !
PM me your mail adress and I'll post one next week.


i found a pipe the perfect size around 2.5 inches.
Just gotta finish a project with my V67, then my Grooves tubes MDB1 and then the pipe mic.
Life is a path, death the destination.


here are two from the past
the square has been improved a bit.
The red is a kynar wirewrap homemade 10pf cap the mess at the mount is hot melt glue to help damp the body to capsule mount interface.  The tube is a piece of fence post
EF86 amp with a different type of bias, built with Aluminum pieces power supply built in an outlet box.  That is an old picture it has been changed a little


i always thought those electrical boxes would do some nice diy boxes..
Life is a path, death the destination.


Re: The guerrilla mic body building thead
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I forgot to say, Laurent, thanks for the part! I received it.
I also bought a pad from ebay, but haven't gotten back to working on this project. Still, I appreciate the generosity.


Cool Thread I'll something to post soon!


Here are some new mic bodies I'm making. Same construction technique as my G7s (as in my avatar) except these will be ribbon mics and so the body will be shorter.

Nice Freddy! Where did you get the bronze pipe, bronze screens?
What do you cut each with?
What type of solder do you use?
How did you fashion the form for bending the screens?


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