capsule & head amp question...royer mod
« on: December 23, 2004, 03:34:05 PM »

I'm thinking about buying the Royer LDC tube mod kit, and had a couple questions. I've done a few PAIA kit projects before so I'm not totally inexperienced, but I'm still very fuzzy on how exactly mics work....

My first question is, can you pair any capsule w/ any mic head amp? Just wondering if I can replace the MXL or ADK capsule w/ something better? Would there be any issues here? Would I have to get 67-ish type of capsule?

Second question is sort of related. If I could use a different capsule, could I just forget the MXL or ADK altogether, buy a capsule and build a mic body myself? I'm sure the body of the mic effects the overall sound, but how?

Thought this could be fun, but I dont know how feasible it is. Just wondering if anyone had any insight.

Here's link to mod:

Thanks for any thoughts


capsule & head amp question...royer mod
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go to the meta meta one of the top threads here.  Then go to the microphone meta pictures and threads full of info you might want to read


capsule & head amp question...royer mod
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Hi Ben,

you can certainly experiment with different amps and capsules. Lots in the microphone meta thread, but in particular look out for the Gyraf G7 tube mic project, which involves building everything but the capsule yourself.

Ribbon microphone services
Microphone blog

capsule & head amp question...royer mod
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Thanks, those threads were very helpful.

Just out of curiousity, how does anyone know how mic designers decide how to pair capsules with head amps? do different amp designs compliment different types of capsules?

Thanks again.



capsule & head amp question...royer mod
« Reply #4 on: December 27, 2004, 12:28:23 PM »
I think trial and error is how alot of design work is done.

  The good designers have tried more things so they have more information built up in their brains and notebooks.

Sometimes if you just go by what you read in books you might not find something.  Books are a very good needed base.

The microphone information here is about as good as it gets,  Only better I know of is if you done work at a microphone company build or repair or have the BIG german brownbook.  

Remember with the circuit after the capsule grill you can make very clean solid state or tube, that except for headroom can sound close to each other.

  IMO with tubes changing the tone is part of the ART of what people like sometimes with tube microphones.  I tend to favor clean circuits and getting most of what is wanted with the capsule grill.

The royer circuit is a good first build it should work with alot of the china microphones.  You need to make sure the circuit will fit in the body,  he royer can be built smaller than the G7 because of the transformer and tube sizes.  The G7 is good if you want to make the body, more room inside for stuff.


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