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 I've got great help from  them!!!  :)
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Re: HEAR technologies HEAR BACK SUCKS!!
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Session with 5 studio musicians failed.

Sorry to hear about your problems.  Why did the session fail?  There are lots and lots of other ways to set up cue mixes - like how 99.9 percent of the rest of the world do it!.

Gear breaks down, it's a fact of life.  In the last 2 weeks I've had problems with a high end outboard piece, a very expensive Neumann mic and my computer.  Even boutique and hi end gear breaks down sometimes.

I hope you get back on track asap.


Re: HEAR technologies HEAR BACK SUCKS!!
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well that sucks to hear that as a client of mine purchased said system not too long ago. It's a good thing I set up a back up plan with a regular headphone setup. In the event of failure then can do it the old fashion way.

sorry your having problems but gear will fail usually when you really need it, always plan for another option
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Re: HEAR technologies HEAR BACK SUCKS!!
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That blows.  You really need to, calmly, deal with whoever sold it to you and get a contact at the company.  Usually emails AND calls are important.  The distributor and company did not collude to ruin your sessions, so you just have to get to the right people.  I maintain both HEAR and Aviom systems and they need some care.

In the meantime, how did you integrate it?  Is the distribution box in the live room or do you have wiring all over the place?  Try disconnecting all but one feed and test for failure.  One dodgy facility run or pod cable can take the system down, even if it is not being used.  They have some protection for that, but a bum run can cause problems.  If you are using the same stranded CAT5 cables supplied with the unit, they should be tested and verified depending on frequency of use.  The cabling IS fragile; much more so than a mic cable. 

I know the anguish, and it is difficult but necessary to chill the emotions in order to suss a malfunction and then friggin' blow it away.  That is what tech is all about.
PS: How do you know the power supply is OK? 


Re: HEAR technologies HEAR BACK SUCKS!!
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Always the heightened tech state- when will it eff-up again?  It has a half-life of, well, don't think about that.  Get on to the place where you got it and make them help you or tell you that they do not support something that they sold to you.  Same with the manufacturer.

I have an old school book on troubleshooting that has the tech wrap whatever in a blanket to make it fail.  The modern equivalent is gentle PCB poking with a chopstick, close proximity to components with a soldering iron tip, and freeze spray.  Love the freeze spray.


Re: HEAR technologies HEAR BACK SUCKS!!
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At the studio I use to work at, we had a Hearback system.   The main rackmount unit failed.   They sent a new unit out and it did take a couple of days, but they did send one out.   I would contact the rep or dealer like Sodderboy suggest.   You just need to get a hold of the right person.   

A backup old school distro from a power amp is always a good plan for safety.  All you need is a power amp with a 25 ohm resistor in series with each left/right speaker output to current limit.   Make sure you have an output feed in the room with you so you can monitor the loudness / mix.  You can use a mic line lifted from an input with adapters to get the feed in the room if you don't have an extra tie line to a booth.  Solder an XLR male to a TRS jack and patch it in.  Its a pain but it will work.


Re: HEAR technologies HEAR BACK SUCKS!!
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If you have cat5's going to your booth's/rooms you can run up to four channels of line-level analog on one cat5 and of course eight channels of AES.

Make some RJ45-to-XLR breakouts and just use a standard headphone-amp/small-mixer/stereo-receiver for backup HP-monitoring duties.

I work at a facility where we have thousands and thousands of channels of audio wired with cat5 and various XLR/TRS/DB-xx fanouts. Most of these things have been installed and operating for 10+ years in this case.

Four twisted pairs in a cat5 designed for Mhz bandwidth signal.

Anyway, spend a couple hours and make some inexpensive breakouts so you can at least patch something in if you need to keeps things moving along.

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Re: HEAR technologies HEAR BACK SUCKS!!
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If you already have CAT 5 wiring you could consider Furman or Aviom systems, both work with CAT 5.
Furman is analogue and Aviom digital.

My 2 cents.



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