Re: Cheap cables VS expensive
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Since we're talking cables here.
I need to buy cable for building a small edac snake...what your sugestions on this?
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Re: Cheap cables VS expensive
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The Gotham is great for high RF situations, but a busy studio will have to replace the cables after a few years of heavy tracking- ie. back to back week or two week lockouts doing basic tracks.  The coiling/un-coiling of the Gotham wreaks havoc on the double-lapped shields.  They get all cork-screwed and twisted-up.  And don't roll too many bass stacks or chairs over them.  Great for a lighter use situation.  I do like the Gotham multipair.  Still double-lapped it is hard to work with, but bulletproof for installed mic lines.  I only use that in NYC.

I always have this disagreement with fellow contractors- it is not our job to make our job easier.  If it is a PITA to put a panel or a window where it should be, or use a certain cable that is hard to pull or terminate, we have to realize that it is our job to take the PITA in order for the years of studio existence to be a (relative) cake walk.


Re: Cheap cables VS expensive
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Two 18 GA solid wires as a speaker cable?  That I will have to hear!  Cover them with two layers of black Expando, put an epoxy potted box of nada in the middle of the length, gold connectors at the ends and sell them for $2K a pair!  "See the sound"

you know I said the same thing... But sure enough...
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Re: Cheap cables VS expensive
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Well super awesome speaker cables make the most sense to make a difference, since speakers are such low ohms anyway, seems like even small amounts of resistance of the speaker cables will affect the sound.

I think I'm going to buy a bunch of good quality connectors and decent quality mic cable for my setup.

And strangely enough I have a Hosa patch cable snake, its rings are all shorted, but strangely enough the shorts arn't at either of the molded plastic ends..
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