Re: The future of The Lab & Drawing Board (*Vote*)
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good points.
its true the most common problem is people being directed to just search and read through the thread.
this can yield good results and help you learn but its hardly the most efficient way. I remember being seriously frustrated with the gdiy rack and power threads... When I got to gssl, I simply can not bear the thought of sifting through all the repetition and irrelevant comments on the way through my build.
so it remains unfinished. 

An other way/option to clean this up would be a projects FAQ section to the technical documents.
I actually wrote up a FAQ for the GDIY stuff but it didnt seem like there was interest at the time, I wouldn't have known where to put it anyway.

these should be like wiki/betta meta. but initially would need people to do the ground work and compile all the issues/good helpful posts into one place. the massive old threads would still be there too.

pyinag cosle aentttoin

Michael Tibes

Re: The future of The Lab & Drawing Board (*Vote*)
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I haven't read all the replies, but I also like things the way they are. I don't know if this was mentioned, I just saw that there are tags in beta stage available? This would combine both worlds, the old structure with better project or subject-related search options, me likey  :)


Re: The future of The Lab & Drawing Board (*Vote*)
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I don't know if we need categorized by gear type.  But it would be nice to have a project specific section.  I has been getting harder and harder to find certain threads.  So I prefer more organized to some degree.   Thanks for always thinking how to do things better Ethan.


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