DRIP 670 v3.2, In need of info (DRIP SUCKS!)
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Hey guys,

I'm 85% Of the way through a Drip 670 build, but am running into some issues. Firstly I will precede all of this with how good the board quality is...  that being said.....  Marie and Greg at drip have been utterly useless in regards to information.  I've emailed them over a dozen times over the last two months, each time they've promised me a BOM and a Schematic for this new version, each time failing to send it. I've spent $1000(!!) on pcb's from them, but have run into a brick wall.  (They also only shipped me one set and I had to remind them I bought two)

There is a new V3 board, with a new layout (on the board labeled with v3-2018) and a new PSU with black solder mask (labeled with 2017 PSU.2).  The BOM they sent me was for the previous version. There is a lot of the same parts used... but I probably spent $200 on parts that aren't used.

Unfortunately there are some differences in part numbers which i'm unable to find on my own. I actually went so far as to build an entire mouser cart for all boards as the provided DIGIKEY cart (for the previous version) sucked so bad.  (it isn't updated and many parts need substitutes... also DIGIKEY's cart sharing sucks)  - The biggest example of this is the new fuse holder, which i'm unable to find a compatible part number for the provided footprint.

I've also not been provided with a schematic for this version which will be needed once i start to power things up. (and assuming this board version has no errata is a big assumption)

Again a wiring guide would be handy, but not needed, and I'm assuming one doesn't exist, but at the VERY least i need a BOM and a Schematic. I'm an experienced builder with MANY difficult projects under my belt, and if I need to I can cobble together a game plan, but I'm SO incredibly annoyed as even the lowest most disorganized and cheapest projects have all had, at the very least,  these two pieces of information.

SO here's my humble request to the community... Has anyone build this version?  Do these documents even exist?  Happy to pioneer with a new 670 v3.2 thread and figure this stuff out but it's hard to believe I have to spend this much time and effort decrypting this stuff with the cost of this board....

My other annoyance is because they sent me (updated) v3 boards none of the mounting holes for the $800 collective case (from Dan) Line up, so i'm going to have to hand drill a bunch of holes with my drill press.

One of these is for myself, but the other is for a client with $7500 tied up in it. 

Anyway.... anybody able to help me out?  Thanks in advance.

 >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(



Re: DRIP 670 v3.2, In need of info (DRIP SUCKS!)
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I'm 99percent thru exact the same build version. And I only can share your experience with Drip. The BoM is from the version 2 with the outdated PSU. I have so many parts left I could build another half 670  :o

I would be happy to answer your questions because I think you have many.. The information about the PSU is almost none

Rob Flinn

Re: DRIP 670 v3.2, In need of info (DRIP SUCKS!)
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I am 90% through a ver 2.    I bought the board & case through the BM here.  Not sure who made the case, but it needed a lot of strengthening and modification to be fit for purpose.  .......
regards Rob


Re: DRIP 670 v3.2, In need of info (DRIP SUCKS!)
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I needed to make a drill template on paper for both PCBs. The Mainboard have to be placed as near as it can to the 3 pots on the front. Otherwise you cannot fit the 5ar4 onto the PSU. I know that from own experience  :-\
I had to cut the 5 cooler for the voltage regulators to make them fit.
And yeah I had to reorder many parts that changed from v2 to v3.
the 2 orange wires from the  Control Amp Transformers  must be twisted and connected to the each 440v rail on top of the PSU.
The wiring is pretty straight forward. Only for 2 IDC connections I had to modify something. On the DC Threshold (Mainboard)  I had to remove the casing and for the XLR in/outputs I had to solder the wires to the female IDC cause I used shielded wire instead of the flat one..

Let me know if you have more questions


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