Mic shootout!
« on: December 25, 2011, 02:09:18 PM »
Howdy.   testin' out the MikTek CV4 vs. AKG C414B-ULS vs. AMT Wi-5.

Here's the shootout for alto

and a shorter test with Tenor excluding the Wi5 for all my recordings


Re: Mic shootout!
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Damn Chuck, you're a good player man. I really like how the 414 sounds, on almost anything. Hard to pick one (of the latter two) over the other.
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Re: Mic shootout!
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thanks, riggler!   i'm still trying to find the good mic positions for my space(bedroom).   

the 414 sounds really veiled compared to the CV4 to me.   in fact, the CV4 is probably the most honest of the three.  It really captures any good or bad playing habits in absolute clarity.   For example, i started to push too hard near the end of the 414 and kept playing too hard on the CV4.  Where the Wi5 almost compliments that over-playing and the 414 allows it, the CV4 is kinda going "your tone is harsh, lemme show you that so you'll stop doing that" lol.   

I shot the tenor video at like 11pm, so i was playing super quiet.  Didn't want to piss off the family downstairs.    I think that video is a great example for the difference between the 414 and CV4.  imho, the mic really compliments the subtle playing more.  hopefully it will turn me into a better sounding player, because it's so honest.   sr1200 has heard me in person, so i'm sure he'd agree that the cv4 provides the least amount of color.   After i shot the tenor video, i didn't like the sound of the CV4 at all, so I asked my housemate to hear me in person, and he said that the CV4 captured what i sounded like in person the most accurately.    which means i gotta start shedding to get a sound with more bottom end lololol

funny enough, i actually like the Wi5 the most because it sounds like i'm playing on a concert tour, which i have yet to do! for all my recordings