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Okay, so I have assembled everything, and I have just plugged in the PSU to see what happens. This is an unassembled kit from 2013 that I have bought secondhand.

The IEC illuminated switch is super sketchy, possibly corroded inside or something. I can hardly get it to switch on, and it is loose and inconsistent in the pressure that needs to be applied for it to switch on/off.

I know the new versions have another IEC and thus possibly another switch, buy for the old IEC, can you point me to some specs for the illuminated rocker switch that fits the rest of the IEC so that I can find another one somehow?

UPDATE: Okay I just ordered a switch from Tayda, which appeared to have the wrong dimensions, buy it actually fitted the panel, so the IEC is now fixed! :)
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Re: [BUILD] CAPI Dual VPR & 51x Floor Box PSU~Official Support Thread New
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I have another question: I have 230V in my country (Denmark).

I installed a 1.5A fuse in the IEC as instructed in the guide (well, 1.25A, but I didnt have one in the kit).  However, it seems the inrush current (?) burns the fuse as I switch on the PSU - I had it work, but shutting off and then on burned the fuse. Happened two times. Now, I installed a 2.5A fuse, and everything works fine - all voltages are as expected.

Is it wrong / dangerous to have a 2.5A fuse installed in a 230V country?
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