relay driver
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in order to finish a project of mine im trying to find a product that allows me to use momentary pushbuttons to trigger relays. so basically convert a momentary to a latching switch electronically. i've learned how to do this using flip flop etc. but i need this for at least 24 channels and also require a global reset for all. i simply cant be bothered to bread board this (especially when having to de-bounce every input as well) and im too much of a novice in order to programm a microcontroller. so im looking for a pre-made solution. does anyone have ideas? i found two small german broadcast companies that have products. but they both charge over 600€ for a 24 channel system. i also found a diy project by ij research called "universal-switcher" - but it lacks a reset function. i imagine that this sort of function is used all over the place in all kinds of equipment - so why cant i find anything....dont know. please help!



Re: relay driver
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A microcontroller with simple high level programming such as the Arduino, using serial data and a couple of shift registers such as CD4021BE for the pushbutton inputs and 74HC595 for the relay drivers is probably the easiest and cheapest way. And you can easily handle debouncing in software.
Henrik Alsér


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