New 87 boards look great, are they designed to fit syt-5 size body as well as the standard mxl taper bodies?

Yes they are specially made for the SYT-5, the taper version and the other large version will still remains ,

Here is my new offerings.

new D-U87i single PCB combo sets for Syt-5 Style mic body

D-EF47 Set for compatible with AMI T47 and AMI new BV08 Classic Series
EF800-80-802 style U47 build

7 Pin Tube Socket for MK47 Style Build

D-47FET round Versions set.

D-12 Set for HT11a mic body

AMI C12 Oliver Archut Circuit For AMI Mic body

PM for any questions,

Shipping to US , Italy, UK,

Here is a Little Summary of my current and upcoming offers,



Wow that was fast.  U87 PCB's arrived as well as styro caps in impeccable condition.
Thanks, very much looking forward to this project.
If there's a harder way to do this, I haven't found it yet.


Got mine too.

Thank you

Got mine too.

Thank you

Wow that was fast.  U87 PCB's arrived as well as styro caps in impeccable condition.
Thanks, very much looking forward to this project.

Thanks Guys,
Happy Building ,
dAn ,

Hi GroupdiY,     D-EF47 kit Now Available   15 Kit Available

Lately i was working with Oliver with his consent To make a little PCB kit to Build his version of the U47 with EF800 tube.
As you may already know Oliver passed away but I decided to go ahead and finish it in his memory.
This mic once finished will be called the OA tribute U47.

here some partial insight on the construction , the mic will be using Oliver Clasic BV08 series Transformer and Ef800 tube that he personnaly sent to me , I am honnored, I could never thank Oliver enough.




To be continued.............

Hi All, Just finished Final Testing this microphone,  Everything Works as expected and I am incredibly happy with the sounds of this microphone  :) :) :) :) ,  Many thanks To Oliver for this Awesome Creation.
and one of the most impressive thing not to say the least  this microphone is Incredibly QUIET with this Ef800 Telefunken tube in it ,
This kit will b able to Drive Ef800 , eF802 and Ef80 Telefunken tubes  ;)
Absolutely Love it.

I am opening the Kit to the DIY community as we speak,  there is some minor Adjustemet I had to do with the PSU resistance Value
there is notes on the Shared mouser BOM about Those changes.

R2 = 6.8ohm 3W
R6  = 4.7 ohm 3W
R11 = 4.7 ohm 3W

R1 = 20K 2W
R3  = 20K 2W
R8 = 25K pot.

The BOM do not contains the Reed Switch but are available at those location ,

the PCB is designed to support these 2 Reed Relay 24V and 48V, Only one resistor is specifically used on the psu for 24V or 48V relay. Notes are in the BOM as well,  Rcoil Relay on the Psu denotes the resistance for either 24V operation or 48V operation.

RS Stock No. 291-9631 Brand RS Mfr. Part No. B48-1A72-BV631 RoHS Status Compliant Catalogue page 1186 Customer reviews (0) Add a review Relay Coto PN 7101-24-1010

The Silk Screen will be corrected on the next Batch if Any,

The PCB was specifically design to have package for AMI BV08 Classic Series and AMI T47 Transformer ,
Other transformer can be fitted as well.  Here is the 2 Mounting Strategies that will permit the Use of about any transformer.

 could not be happier with this Toy,
Thanks Oliver.

Hope you will enjoy,

Schemo Mic

Schemo PSU



This is Hoe it happened, :)

Pictorial. :)