RE18 barrel grille
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anyone familiar with EV RE18 mics?  I picked this one up off eBay for cheap.  Comparing it to my RE11 and RE15, this seems to be missing a plastic grille (which has a fine metal mesh affixed to the inside).  I assume these side-grilles are for shaping the polar response? 

I wouldn't really care, except that whatever piece (inside the barrel) that the grille covers is loose and clanking around.  Would a precision dab of hot glue be a sufficient fix?

EDIT: I should note that the mic seems to work just fine...

Thanks for your help!

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Re: RE18 barrel grille
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EV/Telex parts dept. is your friend (well, sometimes.)  I know they stock the RE15/16 grill, so if this is the same size it shouldn't be a problem.  A little glue around the edges will hold it in nicely.  Not sure what's knocking around in there.


Re: RE18 barrel grille
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You should be able to obtain a tube grille assy from Bosch/EV/Telex.  1-800-553-5992 They even should have an original dark brown.

That mic is like a mic inside a mic, similar to how the RE50 is like a 635a inside a larger shell.

The clanking you're hearing is probably the inner mic hitting the exterior body.

There are 2 points from which the inner piece is suspended, one up front near the capsule, and one in the extreme rear of the inner assembly behind the XLR.  You can almost see the rear suspension if you look closely at your photo.



Re: RE18 barrel grille
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thanks for the tip, guys.  I'll give EV a call.

(really digging these old RE series mics!  Just got an RE15, and I'm in love.  I think I'll need to find another one for some sweet Stax drums sounds...)
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