OT: tech12 bassdriver pcb
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thanks,  I let another bass player use it today.  He loved it over the pre on his ampeg amp.  Great project is all i can say, cheap too.


OT: tech12 bassdriver pcb
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Quote from: "12afael"

here is a manual, some sound samples and presets.


Thanks for that link - couldn't find one at the manuf. site.

W.r.t. sounds, I'm afraid that all I'm hearing is an active bass as it seems :wink: but it's clear lots of sounds are possible with this box - be it somewhat fizzy still when you're looking for some tasty overdrive.



Rob Flinn

Re: OT: tech12 bassdriver pcb
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12afael, I don't know if you're still looking at GroupDIY.  I just finished building one of these that I started a few years back with your rev 3 pcb design.I know it took a lot of time but "so many projects, so little time".

I made mine with a 9v mains supply, but am thinking of making it more 9v to attempt to get a better SNR, since as otherpeoplehave commented it is a bit hissy.

It sounds very nice, thanks for making the pcb layout available.
regards Rob


Re: OT: tech12 bassdriver pcb
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I'm always here. I don't reply too often but I read all the time.

the good thing about diy is that you can mod it.  IIRC it have a 4 order low pass filter maybe you should try to change the filter frecuency or add a filter in a early stage. 

when the level and blend are at max the unit don´t pass audio. it´s like a bad biased device, maybe there is a resistor missing on the triangula ear schematic.

have your unit this issue? I haven't touched that circuit in years and i'm still scratching my head about that.

best regards

heavy metal is the law!!!

Rob Flinn

Re: OT: tech12 bassdriver pcb
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Can't say I noticed this problem with mine.  However I'm not the kind of person who turns everything up to 11..

However, I'll test this out when I get home tomorrow.
regards Rob


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