There's many eq's to build but what if one wants to design for console ??  Where can I read and find info on how to match for console?

Loads, Imp... it would be unbalanced...

Any guidance? ::)


Hi thestudio

Z should be bridging in most cases (10K input) but no need if the output of the pre can drive lower and no insert will be used. In that case input of the EQ could be as low as driving capability of the preamp. Output Z as low as possible and capable to drive the next stage input Z.

About balanced/unbalanced... Adding balanced input just needs 1 opamp (and not always) and a couple of resistors, adding balanced output just need to add one resistor, or 2 resistors and a cap for AC coupled. And a balanced insert point for going out to a comp is a good choice for a hi Q mixer.

About the design of the eq itself, it should be very flexible, because you are going to use the same eq for everything... So choose some parametric eq with good boost/cut capability, broad frecuency coverage and maybe a Q control would be nice.

You may want to check DDA consoles web, they have great designs, great sounding and flexible eqs on their desks and schematics are shown on the web. If you have used one of those you know what I'm talking.

Allen heat also has public schems of discontinued products, not as good as DDA but really simple and really works for live application

I hope this help.

If I don't know how it works, I prefer don't turn it on.

Still looking info...........

Moving in the direction of a 1081 or SSL eq with parametric......


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