OBXa voice card cap voltage
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Thought it may be better to start new thread as the other seems as it died.

Okay so Im down to getting my caps for the voice cards. Here is the service manual.

 Now everyone says to go with higher Voltage caps. I did throughout the PSU and motherboard. I really want to stay as close to the original caps as possible in the audio path. Im wanting the Elna Cerafines as they are known to be more aggresive and thats what the OBXa is all about. The issue is the 35V versions of today are to large and I would have to go with 25V for them to fit. The originals are 35V.

Now scotrod is a very knowledgable guy and said that the audio path does go above 11V and the power rails do not go above 15V, 25V would be fine. But most of what I read says to get higher voltage caps than originals and if the originals are 35V Im weary about getting 25V. But I have the utmost respect for scotrod and I know nothing ,but I would like to get some of your opinions after looking at the schemo of the voice cards on page 56.


Re: OBXa voice card cap voltage
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I guess that leaves the Nichicons,just for the voice card caps.

I have the choice between "audio grade" which have 62ma ripple current,lower temp rating and 1000hrs life. ... FG1V220MEM

Or the "general purpose" UPW caps that have 180ma,higher temp rating and 2000hrs lif. ... uy95tMw%3d

Seems like the UPW would be a no brainer but are the other, "audio grade" caps better for the cards?

In regards to the ESR consideration I have looked at the data sheets linked on the mouser website for each and due to my inexperience I am not seeing any data. Thought the audio grade FG series caps doeas say it "Rich sound in the bass register and clearer high end" which sounds pretty cool to me.

But if someone could look at the data sheet and tell me what the ESR ratings are I would be very greatfull so I can take the plunge and be done with it.


Re: OBXa voice card cap voltage
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the caps on the voice card are not in the audiopath. the are used for power filtering so no need for audio grade caps. just be sure the replace the tantalum caps with tantalum, because they are in the audiopath.


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