<24 Hour Update!
« Reply #20 on: June 04, 2004, 06:23:51 PM »
Keep up the good work!
Yes we will buy from you! Just call the bank
and tell them to appove that loan on their desk, any day now.

In the icon to link to a specific project question.
Yes the threads do get loose at the end. But it would be nice if the large
projects had a button that got the posts for you. YES!
Only large projects like 1176 would qualify.

Another wish for me (should be easy Mr. software guru)
to have a function but it would make a text file of the messages.
I find myself going out of town and no internet and I work on the projects here. But before I leave I must click on every page and cut and paste the text into a text editor.  There has to be a beter way.
I also archive the info here when my project is done and add that text to the project backup CD it would be nice if it was painless.


<24 Hour Update!
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Quote from: "gyraf"
Hi Admin,

How did we do on our first day - in terms of bandwidth use and so on?

There has been so much intense activity the past 12 hours - and I notice no decrease in speed whatsoever. Never been to a faster reacting forum - ever.

Do you have any stats? Will this work in the long run?
Jakob E.

Bandwidth was pretty cool!  It jumped up quite a bit yesterday and today--more than any forum I've seen(well maybe the exception would be forums)  However, we could carry on like this continuously.  I've barely allocated any resources (compared to what we have available) to run this forum, and I think its working out pretty well, what do you think?

In any case if there ever is any real performance issue any time in the future, we've got plenty of "reserves."  Provided that we don't get rediculous have everyone wanting to post 1Gig picture books or anything.
Like I've said, prodigy-pro uses up A LOT more resources than this forum.  So, no worries.  Welcome to REAL webhosting.  Please enjoy your stay :sam:
I am just the Web Geek here.


<24 Hour Update!
« Reply #22 on: June 05, 2004, 12:40:43 AM »
I will give my two cents.

I don´t know if internally it will be a pain in the aS# to implement, but on the old RO forum, the page thread title was the archive name. So, it makes saving pages to HD very very easy. Like this:

If I have a thread called "Compressor schematics" and I choose to save this file, it will be automatically saved as "The Lab - Compressor schematics - page 1.whatever PHP or HTM"...

If it´s not a big deal to implement it, this would be nice.

Thanks for all the hard (and fast) work!


Re: <24 Hour Update!
« Reply #23 on: June 05, 2004, 12:43:52 AM »
Quote from: "Admin"

I have to thank:
Jim Bray (for covering my arse at work)
of course my boss: Chae Ham
If you run into either of those guys let them know they're very very cool people!

Thanks to everyone for making this a success!


Hi Ethan,
Thanks for your effort and your hard work, also big thanks to your boss Chae Ham and Jim Bray for their help!

RESPECT!! to you guys!! :thumb:  :green:
Still into audio gears!


<24 Hour Update!
« Reply #24 on: June 05, 2004, 12:52:09 AM »

You can easily do that by going into whatever thread you would like to save.  Then (if you're using IE) go to file>save as>...

Or if you prefer, from the forum, you could just roll your mouse over the thread title, right-click and save target as and name it whatever you choose.
I am just the Web Geek here.


<24 Hour Update!
« Reply #25 on: June 05, 2004, 02:07:55 AM »
Thanks guys for the new forum, I don't know who's responsible but thanks.

When I got home last night and went to TT and found it gone, I couldn't beleive it. I missed what happened. 'Mnats' emailed me the the link here shortly after I found TT gone.

I would have been screwed, I don't know a great deal about electronics, but with the amazing info available at TT I'm about to start my first DIY.

When I learn more I hope to also be able to conribute to this forum.

You guys ROCK!

Mark Burnley

<24 Hour Update!
« Reply #26 on: June 05, 2004, 10:01:16 AM »

The speed this forum works is such a buzz.

I'm still on a 56k dial-up and these pages whizz in.



O_O tape is life O_O


<24 Hour Update!
« Reply #27 on: June 05, 2004, 01:15:42 PM »
Let me just say that I am f**king psyched about this new forum. Kudos to the guys who made it happen!
 :guinness:  :sam:

Mark Burnley

<24 Hour Update!
« Reply #28 on: June 05, 2004, 01:31:44 PM »
"Last night I was down in the lab, talking to Dracula and his crew..." Iggy Pop


"..all aboard for funtime!"

Oh yes!!


O_O tape is life O_O

<24 Hour Update!
« Reply #29 on: June 05, 2004, 03:55:09 PM »
Yes, thank you Ethan for providing the site and keeping the community together.


The definition of insanity: "Hey, this thing could be really cool - if I had the money to fix it up, which I don't, but if I did it could be really cool - if I had the time, which I don't, but


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