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It goes right "after" R14, which is the node that attaches to the bridged backplates in my modified schematic.

thanks matador,
not to be too dense here, but that is the node where R12-R13-R14 connect to each other,
and would be from that node, a 4700pf cap directly to ground ?

so could this also be viewed as being paralleled across R13 ?

i really appreciate all your and chungers work on this and the C12 version
thanks again,

No that is the "other" side of R14.  You want the side that feeds the 60V backplate voltage to the capsule, which is "downstream" of R14.

IOW, not the side of R14 where R12/R13/R14 meet, but the "other" side.
well in rereading your original placement statement i guess i can be too dense, so thanks
again for the clarification. i take it when you say "after R14" you mean as the voltage flows.
in looking at the schematic above the bypass cap goes from where R14 connects to FB,RB
to ground, essentially bypassing R14,R13 ?

thanks again,

Hi guys, Can someone please clarify the placement of this cap. I have converted my C12 to ELAM251 as per this thread all is working well until I add the 4700pf cap from r14 to ground. Basically the patterns no longer function and the mic always stays in cardiod mode with the bypass cap in place. I'm just using a cheap ceramic cap. At first I though it was a dodgy cap so tried another and after testing  a few others still no go. I must say tho with the cap in place the mic is transformed. Would a bipolar cap be the best fix for this situation?


Why use the 4700pf, only one poster said it was great, no one has seconded his love for the addition? I've built this C12 to Elam251 circuit with a Tim Campbell capsule and it really sounds great, I don't think it needs any added something!  Just put a good capsule on it and you will love it.

Re: Official C12 - Ela M / Build And Support Thread
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I know this is an old thread, but I had a question. I took out my homemade 251 with Tim Campbell capsule the other day, and I find it to be very bright. Is there anything I can do to the circuitry of the mic to smooth out the highs a little bit?

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