G9 wiring help please +Problem Solved+
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Ok problem solved.

I Forgot to wire in parallel the second transformer,

On my RKT toroid transformer It must be wire like this :



It Works great now!


Re: G9 wiring help please +Problem Solved+
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Quote from: "reggie"

I just finished putting a G9 together. Then I powered up for the first time, the tubes heat up, the light comes on and everything seems to work. But when I hook up a microphone and turn up the gain and output, the output seems to work reverse turning and when I turn up gain beyond 5 or so I hear a horrible high squealing noise. Other than that there is only a (very faint) signal coming through. I already checked about the output pot wiring, that should be ok.

Now I suspect that maybe I made a mistake hooking up the two 10-pin wiring connectors from the main pcb to the control pcb´s.
On the schematic the main pcb connector says (from right to left) : To Outamp / Trafo - / Trafo + / Out - / Out + and so on ..
On the control pcb is written (from right to left): To Outamp / OUT - /OUT + /Trafo - /Trafo + / and so on ...
So the Trafo -+ and the Out -+ should be twisted? But I just wasn´t sure about this and hooked them up straight. So can it be that I made the big mistake there? I´d like to ask before I take it all apart again, as I said I was really not sure about this when I put it together.

Once I get it working and my knobs arrive I will post pictures soon.

thanks for any help,

Hey Reggie,

Thanks for posting your results. I just had the exact same problem which was resolved exactly the same way. One channel is still dead but it's most likely just a bad connection somewhere.



G9 wiring help please +Problem Solved+
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Sorry for bumping such an ancient thread, but I'm approaching this point in the construction of my G9.

If I understand the discussion correctly, the wiring from the main PCB to the control PCB's, XLR connectors, and power transformers seems fairly idiot proof.  Simply make sure the 10-pin connectors between the main and control PCB's match wire-for-wire (no crossovers).  The XLR in's and out's seem just as simple.  Just follow the legend for those.

As far as the instrument jack, I can see where a good look at the schematic is in order, but everyone else seems to have figured it out with a minimum of bloodshed.

Have I missed anything??

Jakob, it looks to me like you've taken most of the guesswork out of this design, and I salute you for that!

I'm in the home stretch.  I just have to get my tubes and my audio transformers, and she's as good as done!

P.S.  I certainly don't mean to suggest that those who've had trouble are idiots.  I had many of the same doubts.  I tend to over-think these things and get myself into trouble.  But then again, are you really paranoid if they really are out to get you??

Electrons don't read schematics.

G9 wiring help please +Problem Solved+
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Sounds like your good to go.  Give it a shot and post back if you run into any trouble.  Mixing up this wiring won't hurt anything if you don't get it right the first time.  :thumb:



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