This is a complete Stereo TG12413 Compressor/Limiter kit, exactly as shipped by Igor Kapelevich, WITH EXTRAS I'd purchased in anticipation of the build. To be honest, with Igor's absence lately, I'm thinking its a bit over my kit building expertise. I had collected every document he made available shortly before his departure and I'll email those to anyone purchasing this Stereo kit.

He emailed me and told me that he personally put this kit together for me after the first one didn't arrive. It has bags loaded with all the parts just as he sent them, with circuit boards, front panels, components, etc. I have never inventoried this kit, but nothing has ever left the bags except for these photographs. If a part was missing, it should easily be found as there is nothing very exotic in here that I know of.

In anticipation of this build, I also found and purchased a pair of his recommended Lundahl LL 1524 Output transformers (found a used pair, don't think they are available as new anymore) which exactly fit the circuit boards. I also purchased a pair of Hairball meters that fit the casing as well. They are 1ma, and Igor had posted a simple solution to using these for proper needle defection (seach the forum here for his notes on this).

I'm selling EVERYTHING as one kit : Stereo TG12413 kit exactly as Igor assembled and shipped to me, the pair of Lundahl Output Transformers, and the pair of VU meters.

This is a RARE second chance if you wanted one of these Stereo kits. I'd love to build these and use them, but I'm not sure my basic kit building skills would be up to the task without a lot of technical support. Note : these are designed for a 51X rack because it needs the 24V rails.

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Ide love one kit anyone wanna split it?

I'll build 'em for you if you want. Looks fun.

I was inside one of Igor's Mixbuzz 500s last year. If this kit is anything like that one, it'll be a pain in the ass to work on, but sound great.

Lemme know.
F-in' hook some Sh*t up and see if it catches on fire; try to have a good idea about what might and might not catch on fire in the first place. -emrr


Where is the ""Sex Dungeon" located?
I have a pair of kits, could be interested.

F-in' hook some Sh*t up and see if it catches on fire; try to have a good idea about what might and might not catch on fire in the first place. -emrr


Those look really awesome as well as an incredible pain in the ass to work on (and I mean that in a good way!). I'd love to take a swing at them if no one else has picked 'em up yet, but I'm going to have to work on getting the $1200 together. If no one else has grabbed them by the time I get the money ready then I'll be happy to buy them. If they do go to someone else first, well then, such is life. Besides, I still have Drip 175 that's begging for me to start putting together.


Lots of interest but still available as of this posting. I'll post here when they sell, so just keep checking the thread.


I will take the kits at the asking price, just need to sort shipping to the uk. I will PM with the details



bump it

shame huh?