Digidesign 50-pin pinout
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Ladies & Gents,

I've been a long time lurker on GroupDIY.  I'm always interested in seeing the great ideas that come through here.

I've been cleaning out the back room and came across my old Pro Tools boxes, particularly an 882 and an SSD.  I realize that it's 16bit but I remember it as being good sounding 16bit, perhaps due to the SSD clocking (subcontracted to Apogee by Digi, if I remember my rumors correctly).

I was thinking it might be nice to have these converters converted to give me AES, ADAT or something of that ilk.  I was thinking an off the shelf ADAT I/O card might be pressed into service.

So… The question is: Does anyone have a pinout for the 50 pin connector?  Or perhaps a schematic?  (I know Digi didn't hand those out, but I thought I'd ask…)




Re: Digidesign 50-pin pinout
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I've never seen anyone use a Digi/Avid interface without connecting directly to Mix/Process/Accel/HDX cards, I would say that it's effectively impossible.  I don't think you'll find AES coming down that 50 pin connector.