Digidesign Control 24 Mods
« on: September 05, 2014, 08:46:01 AM »

I got a Control 24. It is glitching and faders have a life on their own at times.

A friend modded his with resistors on the PCB for the faders and changed stuff in the PSU. His was working great. Unfortunately he sold it and can't remember what he did.

So, anyone in the know?? 



Re: Digidesign Control 24 Mods
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I would start with PSU filtering, maybe a choke and a couple of caps may help, if you have sparks on your PS rails may be taken as fake 'bits' by your digital stuff. Is not sooo common but if the PS is not so good may be something. Also decoupling noises at your faders may help, small R big C at PS for each, or other critical noise points treatment, if your friend added some resistors on the faders may be to slow down the response in order to get better stability, that would be somewhere in the feedback loop from the position detector to the motor controller.

If I don't know how it works, I prefer don't turn it on.


Re: Digidesign Control 24 Mods
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A friend bought a Control24 with quite the same problems.
Cold solder joints on the powersupply PCB were the problem.

Check solder joints on your powersupply PCB.

...markus :-)