24 hours after ordering a couple kits from Colin i got them at home, from UK to Spain...

thanks Colin!

Now it's solder time!


I built two units and one had an issue of + 8 threshold not adjusting, I took it apart and very carefully looked at the underside of the PCB and I had a solder bridge between two components that were supposed to be isolated from each other.  I cleaned up my solder and works like  charm.

The units were very easy to build, as long as you are meticulous.  I had one resistor be wrong in a bag of resistors, but that type of error is understandable with so many parts.  Very clear instructions, and easy with resistors pre bent!

It sounds great!  Very full, a nice color option to have.

I need to spend more time with it, but is the calibration correct?  0 dBu   =   0.775 Volt  instead of 0 VU   +4dBm (1.23 V)...all of my equipment runs 0VU @ 1.23V

Again I just know just enough to be dangerous!


Glad it was an easy fix.... any photos of the finished units in your studio ?



Here's my pair in action...

The build was pretty straight forward, double and triple check before and after soldering, both compressors worked at first power on. Calibration was easy.

Just a minor issue in one of them: meter only works in GR mode, no movement IN nor OUT...it's not important so i leave it as is by now.

Beside of that this compressor is great on almost everything i tried through: mixes, drums, brass...


Hi Colin, could I solder an extra white LED to the pads (in parallel where the green LED is soldered) without causing undue drain to the circuit? This would allow me to tape it to the top of the meter for some illumination of it.


Does anyone have any audio samples og this beast?


It looks like these are no longer available on the site.  Did I miss my chance to pick these up?


We are just out of stock..... as we have run out of Marconi knobs.... should be back soon.



Glad to hear. I´m eagerly trying to collect money for that.
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The tubes of course don't care what frequency they distort


I build two of these and they seem two work, but the release times are way off, they seem to be 3,5x longer than they are supposed to be  :o
The 400 ms release of the comp measures more like 1400ms and the 100ms limiter release is more like 350ms.
I double checked the values of C74, C75, R144-148 and R159-163 that are supposed to set the release times and they are all correct.

Are there other parts of the curcuit that interact with the release time that i could double check?

The attack time seems to be 5ms, as far as i know that is correct...