Behringer CX2300 replace caps
« on: April 07, 2015, 09:04:14 AM »
I just got a Behringer cx2300 crossover and I was thinking of replacing the electrolytic capacitors.
The unit looks decent. I see no apparent repairs, although the blown fuse has been bypassed by a wire :/
The regulators seem stock, encased in plastic. No metal tabs on them.
My issue is that there are many 22uF capacitors in the circuit, in the signal path.
I could replace them with wima caps, the mks2 series have 10uF values (with 5mm pin distance), and I'd have to parallel them but this will quickly get very expensive as there are about 32 x 22uF caps in this crossover. 64 wima caps would be too expensive.
Is there a way to redesign the circuit using 10uF caps (instead of the 22uF ones) and different values resistors?
I see that in most places the cap is preceded by a 20Kohm resistor, that would form a highpass filter of 0.36Hz. If I lower the cap to 10uF then that becomes 0.8Hz. Still ok.
I would appreciate any detail on this as I would like to remove electrolytics from the signal path as much as possible.
I could also bypass the output ones as I have input caps in my amplifier.