Re: FS/FT DUAL G1176 : Price drop : 550 ! SSL EQs, parts and oddities,
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Stuff sent today :

-2x used API 2520 DOAs dated 2010  (good and working condition, clean pins).

Fujitsu Siemens Stylistic tablet (Windows XP) -
with PSU . Use google for more info. Model : ST5112d. Doesn't have a touchscreen. I use one for Line 6 Gearbox (with a guitarport). The bassplayer in my band also uses a guitarport with the same tablet. I also used one as Itunes player, the HD filled with all the music that I have. And one on my workdesk that I use to view schematics/datasheets/manuals...
But I have 2 left over that I want to get rid of- cleaning out the attic, and my head as well !).
15 euro plus shipping, and I'll send both (not the same model by the way). I'll check both for function before sending out. For use with a guitarport you might have to add RAM, depending on the model.

Amek  BC2 micpre amp plugins. JP 307
I purchased these a few years ago on Ebay for 20gbp each. I never got around using these.  The pair for 25 euro plus shipping. I have a few documents for wiring these up, should be easy to do.

Various 50k lin sliders (both nib, and shortly used),  Free with an order .

used dual concentric 22kLog pots, used dual concentric 22k antilog pots, and more pots that I won't  use.
For free with an order, or just for shippingcosts.

-about 10 used sliders for Urei 530 , for free/shippingcosts.

LA 4a clone (Luny Tunes), VTL4/C2 optocoupler. In a scrap case, but with a nice NRG engraved frontpanel for a DUAL La4 version. As you can see, only one channel is fitted, as I used the second channel for another project.
If needed, I can supply the knobs and pots for the 2nd channel, but not sure I can also add another rotary switch. It has OEP outputtransformers for 2 channels. Sony high grade VU meters that i took from a professional Umatic masterrecorder. Sifam colletknobs. Sfernice (conductive plastic) pots, Seuffer milspec rotaryswitches.

it is calibrated and functional.
70 euro plus shipping / paypalfees will do : priced to move fast !

Pair of used DDA VU meters. Free with an order.


Re: FS/FT ! SSL eq's, TC helicon, Lexicon, parts and oddities,
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Good to hear !

The dual G1176 + Micboxes are sent out today, after I found the culprit of the unequal response of the inputpots of the G1176....and fixed it of course, hahaha.

Re: FS/FT ! SSL eq's, TC helicon, Lexicon, parts and oddities,
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I'll take the SSL eq's if the other buyer falls through.


Re: FS/FT ! SSL eq's, TC helicon, Lexicon, parts and oddities,
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You're the 6th in line...

(I guess  dropped the price too far)


Re: FS Danner format discrete amplifier ASV-18tr , M/S matrix
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 Updated first post :
Danner format discrete amplifier ASV-18tr , and an M/S matrix board for sale.


Re: FS Danner format discrete amplifier ASV-18tr , M/S matrix
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I also have found a bunch of opamps:
-10 pcs of Analog Devices AD825 opamps on Browndog soic to DIL adapters, so they can be used to replace NE5534's or similar opamps. These were expensive when I bought them (about 15 euro each), but I'm sure I paid too much . I see these without the adapters for about 4 euro each on Ebay.
-7 Burr Brown SOIC14 OPA4131NA quad opamps, new,  in factory sealed ESD packages
-10 used but working THAT 2159 VCA's.

Offer whatever you want, I'm not going to use them.


NEVE and other stuff added.


PM sent


Hmmm, apparently no one sees the 2 words "ON HOLD" behind  the words Neve....



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New stuff listed !


Email sent for MS board
:) :)



Re: FS: DDA mixerproject, 202x VCA's
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The following stuff is sold and sent today.

Various PCB's :
-GSSL pcb 's : Expat CRC filter PCB + Expat VU meter mod PCB + a partially stuffed supersidechain PCB. Together for 10 euro plus shipping/paypalfees SOLD

-M/S board, tested and working. I'll desolder the wires. A sidenote : there's a fault on the pcb, therefore I lifted one of the legs of an IC and attached a wire to it. Simply connect the pole to it (i'll write down a note about all the inputs and outputs).
30 euro plus shipping/paypalfees SOLD

-JLM VU buffer kit, assembled but not tested. Just for shippingcosts.

-500 format experimental 19” case with +15/0/-15 SMPS. Originally this was for a computer thingy, I used it to power my first 500 module, which was a Radial Engineering EXTC. Don't expect something fancy, it's made from scrap.
Free with an order.GONE

-Don Audio Point to Point PULTEC FILTERS mounted on a temporary frontpanel.
It only needs a (stereo) amp, optional imput transformers, PSU, and a case. It's tested and working, i initially wanted to use these with a pair of Siemens U274 amps which sound exactly what I was aiming for, but the pair I have isn't suitable for stereomatching…. unfortunately. Then I thought of using other amps, but truth is… A), I don't have enough space in my setup for another 2 unit device. B) I do most ITB nowadays, so…..I'd better let this go.
All pots and rotaryswitches are bought from Banzai, matched inductor and capacitorsets are purchased from Don Audio. Potknobs are from DIYtubes.
80 plus shipping/paypalfees. That's less than the sum of parts. SOLD

-pair of pre wired 500 looms.


500 stuff and a Rossi reamper added !


Emailed re 77x500!



Lindell sold.

Mosses and Mitchell patchpanel added.


SSL 555f , SSLtech 9k pre, Lexicon LXP15 and MOD doa's added.


Might as well bump
Go ahead and bump
Might as well bump
Go ahead and Bump



SSL talkbacklimiter/amp sold.
DOA's : moved to Ebay.


I've sent you a PM about M&M bantam patchbay...


Re: FS: diyre &Barthrk colour modules, SSL 9k, Lexicon LXP15, etc
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Sold :

Mosses and Mitchell TT patchpanel.
88 points, 48 points are wired to Dsub25.  (3x top row and halfnormalled to 3x bottom row). The other patchpoints can be soldered to your needs.
If needed I can also add some multicorecables, but this will increase shippingcosts significantly. I don't have spare patchcables to add though. 80 euro plus shipping. ON HOLD

SSLTech 9k micpre
PCB, stuffed, tested and working. needs +18/0/-18v plus 48v in case needed. I'll add a 2nd board that needs troubleshooting for free.
35 euro plus shipping ON HOLD

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