Analog Gear Automation - Need Your Help New
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Hi guys,

Some of you will probably recall me (pun intended) from the various threads on this forum about building nice copies of vintage  gear and experimenting with new features for them.  I've put together a team some time ago to work on the problem of analog gear recall and automation -  we've worked on this for quite a while and as you can imagine, results are not monolithic - there are many solutions and gotchas with which flavor of technology to actually use.

So, we have put together a short survey that I would be very thankful if you could fill out.

This will help us understand what kind of recall and/or automation is most needed and get that ready for a production run.

We do have a basic webpage set up here: If you could send this to other friends you know might be interested but don't view this forum (or this part of it) please send it their way - every filled out survey helps.

If you have questions, I'll be monitoring this thread or you can use the email feature on our website.

All best,
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