Hardware platform for embedded audio processing.
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I'm looking for an audio processing platform or at least some chips that would work together in such a platform.  Specifically I'm looking for ADC/DAC with S/PDIF andmaybe AES I/O  (primarily I want S/PDIF) along with MIDI (presets/program change).  Bonus points for Ethernet (wired or WiFi).  Specifically I want real-time convolution, but perhaps this could be a hardware VST platform?

I dunno....What do you guys think?


Re: Hardware platform for embedded audio processing.
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I don't know exactly what you are looking for, if a product to use in such way, a IC solution to build something from scratch or the family of chips to put one together, a demo board to implement something...

A DSP can make real time convolution, they are made for such task, how many horse power you need will depend on the size of the convolution and the quantity and quality of processing you are looking for. The big task with a bare DSP is the software, you need to have (or develop) the impulse response. Implementing them should be quite straight forward with the packages from the manufacturer. How to change parameters and affect the impulse response depending on the desired setup may be a different story, as well as the communication and user interface, depending on the needs.

As mentioned earlier there are different ways of getting a DSP working, the fastest should be a demo board already with converters and some kind of interface to communicate with it. For production you may want to go to a single/few chip solution available. I'm not working on any of that so I can't recommend a specific one, you should look for the usual dealers.

Usually hardware specific soft is used on DSP, rather than VST which is more focused to run on some kind of OS inside a PC.

If looking for a branded product there are many around, with more specs of what you are looking for you may narrow the search.

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