" Drum roll ".................................Trtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtr .................?


Still no pictures? Steve, don't let us wait so long.

Kid Squid

Hi Chaps,
Got back late from hols on friday evening and have spent the last two days working 16hr shifts, so apologies for not getting back sooner !

Had the proto cases back and they look great ! There are a few small issues,mainly by the manufacturer  but I've already been in touch with my metalwork guy and he has assured me that I will get the final cases back by friday at the latest.
here are the issues I've found -

1. No Pemserts fitted.. at all.
2. No vents punched over Power section.
3. Mounting holes to mate bottom cover to chassis are missing ( This one is my fault - I used the hole series function in solidworks     on the assembly file, but I hadn't 'ticked' propegate to part.... D'oh !!)
4. Random holes on top cover and PSU guard.

Apart from that, all is well ;)

Right, here's the pics ! ( Bolt lengths / 5Pin XLR etc are shown for demo purposes only - Thats all I have here at present !)

It is not the same as 4+12, nor is it the same as 4+8, but 4+12 IS the same as 4+8+12....

Nice! I can't wait to finish this project:)

I'm going to use the standby switch board. Will there be a place or room for this as well?

Kind regards

Potato Cakes

What is the particular VU meter you have in mind? I didn't seem to see that in this thread.




Is it ready to order yet?


Two pots
Two cases
Two trannys



Some news please.....?

Yes! News?!

Ok, Its been a month since the last news here Steve:)
Is everything alright with you and this project?


Bump for news

ill take two cases please...


The first post was over a year ago.
I'm in for two cases and two transformers.
I sure hope this happens.

Kid Squid

Hi Chaps,

Sorry I've been missing the last couple of weeks, Work is just relentless at the moment.
However, I have finished the mods to the case, the main one being the HT issue.

After mounting the PCB in the case, I realised that with the front panel hinged down that you could very easily access LETHAL H.T. D.C. Voltage ( the B+). Personally, I find this unacceptable from a safety point of view, and a design point of view.
I work with very high voltages at work, and I know first hand of the extreme dangers that this situation can bring. So...

I decided to design and include a cover for the Main PCB, which allows connection of the B+, and Heater volts before putting the cover on.
Then, with the cover on, there are cutouts which allow the plug and socket method of connecting the I/P and O/P transformers, as well as the aux connections ( link, meter etc..). Also I have allowed for trimmer screwdriver holes for the two trim pots.

I know there is an easier way, as in, making the front panel non- hinged, but I like the aesthetics of the drop down front !
Heres a couple of pics to show you what I mean :)

Transparency showing fit of PCB, Meter, Main caps etc

I have sent the files to my metalworker this morning, So I should have the prices, and the prototypes back ASAP.
As soon as Ive given it the OK, Then the orders shall commence.

Thanks for the patience with this chaps, as I'm totally flat out with work and the family, but I know of the urgency of getting this produced. I can't let it go for production unless I am fully 100% happy with it, but this mod just had to be done.
Safety absolutely comes first.


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It is not the same as 4+12, nor is it the same as 4+8, but 4+12 IS the same as 4+8+12....

Safety sounds wonderful since this is my first "high voltage" project.

I really appreciate this;)



Thanks for the safety cover, Steve , well worth the wait.


Any news on this? :)


Kid Squid

Hi chaps,

Sorry I've not been around the last couple of weeks, but I'm in the middle of a seven week shutdown at work and the hours are mental.


I've had the final prototype case back, and i've managed to sneak in a little time to put it all together to check fitting etc.
Please ignore the colour of the case, as there was an apparent mix up between my metalworker and the powdercoater !, the produced version will be RAL 7000 grey,  and XLR's etc, as they are only there to check fitment.

I've got five ordered for this friday coming, and my silkscreener is prepped ready, so, as soon as I get them they'll be off to the silkscreener, then as soon as that is OK'd, the order page will be good to go, with finalised prices etc.

Also, I've had the input pot custom made, with a pull ' bypass' switch for driving the true bypass boards that come with the set.

I will be offering the case, O/P attenuator, I/P pot with bypass switch, the balance screwdriver adjust pot and power transformer, and any variation to suit your needs.

have a look at this beauty :)

It is not the same as 4+12, nor is it the same as 4+8, but 4+12 IS the same as 4+8+12....

great work! cant wait to place my order. btw - will your final frontpanel feature scales and proper labeling? cheers

Kid Squid

Absolutely they will !

It is not the same as 4+12, nor is it the same as 4+8, but 4+12 IS the same as 4+8+12....