Re: 8 channel micpre advice
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I just saw the new posts by accident, I guess I forgot to turn on the notification option for this thread...

Blackdawg :
Thanks for bringing this up.
Grace pre amp : sure it'll be nice, but this is definately way too expensive, hahaha.

Müx-Micro :
Yes, this is what I was thinking recently as well, but I have to investigate how the FOH on several venues here in the Netherlands is setup.
a while ago I purchased a used Audient ASP008, and I can borrow another ASP008 from my brother in law if needed.  Then I've got 16 channels of mobile pres. I also have an empty eurocard rack in which I want to add more pres. I already have 2 Siemens pres to put in, and these are great, but far from clean. I think I'll add more, but this surely will be a long term project. Fortunately , I'm in no rush...