NetEQ transformer mod
« on: November 17, 2015, 05:48:56 AM »
Hi guys, newbie here :)

I'm in the process of building a BP NetEQ, have had it laid out on breadboard for a while (only with pots not switches yet), so far working nicely, I'm also in the process of adding Tube (ECC88) gain stages, and now I'm also wondering about adding some output transformers (and possible In aswell), for a little extra color (will be balanced out)

(possibly switchable, so EQ>OUT, EQ>TUBE>OUT, EQ>TRANS>OUT, EQ>TUBE>TRANS>OUT ...but that's the last thing I will think about after its all working)

does anyone have any favorite audio transformers that add pleasing color, and reasons why?

I'm not massively experienced when it comes to designing circuits, although I can build them from other peoples designs and understand basically how they work, so the more info I can gather together the better really

I don't have a specific sound I'm going for, just looking for a little extra  "warmth" in this very clean EQ... happy to try lots of options till i find a sound i like


(ps for some reason I cannot get the letters verification right no mater how hard I try :/ 5 attempts when signing up, 3 attempts posting, so far...)