I inherited an E-mu ESI-32 sampler, apparently in near pristine shape with all kinds of Jaz drives and floppies with samples for it.  (version 2.10 software with upgraded  memory to the max)  It seems to work and power up fine, but I can't get past the manual instructions to load a sample and try it out... it's soo 1990s for my head... the instructions appear clear, but leave gaps and takes forever to figure out where to find the info... :)

Back in the day, I remember being very impressed with the ability of these hardware samplers as I observed friends in the studio -- to transpose audio to different pitches with no artifacts, it was amazing.  To my ear I've never heard a software sampler or DAW do anything nearly as clean.  Is this ignorance on my part, or is there still an advantage in transposing audio for HW samplers versus modern SW samplers and DAWs?   

These are not worth much on evilbay so I'm trying to figure out if I can use it or what to do with it....  any experiences and opinions welcome. 
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